Fair Damsels and Foul Treachery

A mysterious diary

with traces of Glamour and secrets hidden within

Scene 8. Getting out of the Hedge

The session starts with Leigh healing Mack before continuing on their merry way towards the distant hills. Fifteen minutes later, the player characters arrive at a small hill only to find a sinkhole at the top of the hill, like a volcano but without the lava. Dico heads down the sinkhole to find a small cavern chamber. Shortly after landing in the chamber, the hole starts to close up! Fortunately for Dico, she manages to escape the sinkhole just in time for the PC’s to leave the scene. The hill collapses into a ten-foot-tall mount, wherein strange white smoke can be seen from the distance after the PC’s flee the scene.

The characters return to the forest, where they find a strange silver-maned unicorn that offers to help them escape. The PC’s trust the unicorn, and follow it to the silver tree, which in turn leads to an exit from the Hedge…

Scene 9. Lucianus and the Librarian

…to an unknown farm in Nanjemoy where Leigh calls up Lucianus to pick them up. Tom went through the Hedge gate but does not appear with them. Lucianus is worried about running into the Margraves, but tells the PC’s to meet him on the main road. The PC’s walk to the main road and encounter a strange dog that follows them around, but Mr. Fifi scares the dog away and Lucianus manages to find the wandering changelings.

Eventually Lucianus finds out about the diary, and is not happy that the PC’s were so hasty to draw Eltiana’s ire. Lucianus says that he knows someone that can help them with the diary: a changeling librarian named Jeeves that knows a lot about ancient faerie lore. Jeeves starts reading the diary intently in an attempt to divine the diary’s true nature, and finds out a few things:

  • The diary reads like it was written by a high school girl at first, but the writing is inconsistent, as if multiple writers wrote the diary.
  • Facts about Adilene and her interests seem to change suddenly, and be highly inconsistent with one another.
  • The ink is Glamour-infused and thus clearly the work of a changeling

Eventually Lucianus leaves the PC’s to prepare for the Pennons festival, and Obby gets the car back from Baltimore, where incidentally it was in tow for over a week. (The PC’s returned from the hedge seventeen days after entering, on June 22 2010.) The players split up to their respective “homes”: Dico to Pandora’s Basement, Mack and Obby to their tavern, and Leigh to her glade.

Secondly, they find out more about Adilene: The story of Eltiana’s daughter is that she was adopted. Taken from her Fetch (dopplegagner of the person who’s taken by a changeling) and adopted by Eltiana. She doesn’t take her to court of answer questions about her. It was understood that she wanted to keep her a secret for her daughter to have a normal life. She has changed schools at least once. Lastly, Jeeves knows that changelings and Fetches are ALMOST always sterile, and in rare cases can have children.

Scene 10. Summer Court Shakeup!

The characters agree to meet up in 10 days at the half moon, to give the book back to Grumpleshnacky, but the Pennons festival happens before then, and Lucianus is not bestowed the Crown of Summer. Lucianus is challenged by an ogre named Sid who says that Lucianus is in line with his brother Seraphinus and thus the crown does not get handed over to the Summer Court.

Elben and goons arrive on the next day at the Hog’s Head and leave a summon note to go to Mocha Hill. Mack, Cheese and Obby arrive at Mocha Hill, with Jeeves and Dico arrive separately. (Leigh experiences weird hallucinations after eating tainted goblin fruit, and is not present.) Elben wants to ask us questions and Cheese promptly rebuffs his questions (giving the Summer Court knight a whole heaping dose of attitude in the process). Kendrick the bartender comes down and tries to talk to us and get a sense of what’s going on. Cheese says Elben is trying to cause some shit.

Kendrick says Lucianus is not captive but he’s at Mocha Hill. He and Elben and others from the Summer Court are in a discussion about their court. Kendrick gave them 3 days after Pennons to resolve it. Mack and Cheese go back to the bar and Jeeves comes back too. Dico goes to Pandora’s Box with the Fat Bottom Girls, with the diary in hand. Leigh is heading to the Hog’s Head, and Obby is going to sneak into the Summer Court deliberation and try to find out more info.



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