Fair Damsels and Foul Treachery

The Final Confrontation Begins

One month pases by, where the PCs’ prepare for their final showdown by obtaining military-grade equipment such as flak jackets and improved guns. Tom undergoes more firearms training, Leigh practices her fencing skills, and

Scene 30. The Dark and Foreboding Castle

The Hogs Head party and Walter Lucianus travel to the mural in the Hedge without any problems, and notice the the Mural contains an unfamiliar picture: a kingdom shrouded in rainy, gloomy darkness, and full of swampy wildlife. They enter the darkened kingdom near the castle, where Tom and Cheese investigate the castle only to find several dead knights in the top of the castle watchtower, and hear the sounds of hostile-seeming grunting ogres. The bodies are pale and slightly decomposed, with a single puncture mark in the back of the head. Tom and Cheese eventually head back to meet the rest of the group, and they assign watches for the night. During the first watch, Jeeves meets up with Dane Fort, a Summer Court knight of Mocha Hill who tells Jeeves to come into the castle. The drawbridge is lowered, and as it turns out the castle is not hostile at all: Dane and Missy Tonnere are holding the fort down, along with several hideous-looking ogres that once were Adilene’s real-life posse but now have been reduced to gibbering grunts. Missy explains the root of this darkness: Adilene broke some sort of Pledge that caused light to become dark, and dark to become light. Afterwards, the Hogs Heads along with their three Summer Court allies ride off towards the Light Kingdom.

Scene 31. A Duel in the White Rose Kingdom



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