Fair Damsels and Foul Treachery

Back in the Hedge

and shit starts to get real now!

Scene 18. Another Hellgate at the Hogs Head Tavern, What Else Is New?

After an interesting but mostly fruitless trip to the Goblin Market, the characters return to the Hogs Head Tavern to take care of business. However, this brief period of normalcy doesn’t last long: after about half an hour of tending to the tavern, strange cries can be heard upstairs from an unknown source. Dico and Leigh go upstairs to investigate the strange noises, and eventually find that the mirror has become a Hedge portal with occasional cries for help from a young woman beyond the Hedge.

Dico and Leigh are unsure about what to do about this strange otherworldly influence, so they call Eltiana, and she sends FyedraIceheart over to assist the Hogs Head motley. Fyedra is of little help when she finally does arrive: instead of helping the Hogs Heads piece together clues, she attracts the attention of hostile knights who see her as a threatening dragon and rush towards the Hedge gate. Mack takes matters into his own hands and tries to shatter the Hedge portal with his trusty mallet. Instead, Mack gets sucked into the Hedge, and everyone else follows after him. The fun has just begun.

Scene 19. Hedge Knights, of the Fanatical Kind

The full Hogs Head adventuring party plus Fyedra (who enters reluctantly after being pushed in by Mr. Fifi) find themselves in the Hedge, in a vast plain with armor-clad knights charging at full speed with knightly lances. The two parties meet in combat: as the knights charge full speed ahead, Leigh readies his crossbow, Dico draws her cold iron dagger, and Tom brandishes his Uzi (yes you read that right). Tom proves to be quite the sharpshooter, incapacitating one knight before they close the distance, and seriously wounding another immediately after the knight attacks with his pointy lance (and seriously wounding Tom in the process). Dico pulls off an especially acrobatic stunt: jumping on top of a knight’s horse, with her dagger at the knight’s neck. The third knight attacks Fyedra, who envelops herself in an icy chill aura that reduces the knight’s combat effectiveness, but she provides little other assistance.

Eventually the Hogs Heads dispatch all four knights, who fight fanatically to the death while issues war-cries “in the name of the Lady of the Realm”. Uh-oh, sounds like the Damsel has bonded these knights into fanatical servitude, which the PC’s find out is exactly what happens when they find a scroll containing an oath of fealty to a mysterious Fair Damsel. After dispatching the knights and healing Tom and Fyedra’s near-critical wounds, they head off towards another giant mural in the Hedge surrounded by statues of knights.

Scene 20. The Queen’s Kingdom

The Hogs Heads arrive at the mural, which like the previous mural (encountered during the previous adventure

  • Fyedra recognizes the mural and heard it speaking to her. She feels compelled to enter. Dico and Tom also want to enter the mural to do some reconnaissance (being the stealthy ones).
  • The others hand back and sleep in the forest, so that Leigh can better protect them.
  • Inside the mural kingdom: Tom, Dico, and Fyedra head toward the castle, and manage to sneak in unnoticed until reaching the gate. Dico and Fyedra pose and emissaries wishing to see the queen (after Tom finds out there is a queen), and Tom sneaks in behind them. Eventually, the three of them have an audience with the queen — who is none other than Eltiana’s daughter Adilene!! Dico performs a circus act, which fails to impress Adilene, but she keeps them around for three days anyways.



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