Fair Damsels and Foul Treachery

Icy Negotiations

with the Queen of Winter

Scene 13. Wintry Dreams and Tough Bargains

The players arrive back at the Hogs Head Tavern intending to relax and lay low after an action-packed day fighting off Margraves. However, when the characters go to sleep for the night, they find themselves trapped in a dreamscape foyer of a magnificent mansion, opening up into an empty meeting hall. The meeting hall then proceeds into a throne room, with Eltiana sitting regally in a lavish white dress, and she is not happy about the recent burglary. Eltiana threatens to get the mortal authorities involved in the breaking-and-entry of her home, and warns that she has informants “on the inside” that will notify the police that the Hogs Head Tavern is connected to the incident, and that the car left behind during the burglary can be traced to Mack and the Hogs Head Tavern. After making her threats, Eltiana snaps her fingers when the PC’s start asking tough questions, clearly indicating that she will not listen to the other side of the story.

Scene 14. Hogs Head Meeting with Lucianus

  • Lucianus meets at the Hogs Head to inform the characters that Eltiana is receptive to a deal involving freeing Seraphinus, thanks to the evidence he presented to her. In three days there will be a summons to Mocha Hill so that all parties can resolve this conflict. (or so it seems)

Scene 15. The Negotiation

  • PC’s go to Mocha Hill at Lucianus’s request
  • The negotiations proceed: Eltiana agrees to free Seraphinus in exchange for the diary and a promise from Lucianus to accept two Winter Court-friendly knights, and an Oath of Silence from the Hogs Head Quartet and friends (they cannot mention the Diary. Ever.)
  • Eltiana warns the player characters that Grumpleschnacky is taking advantage of them and may be a double agent.



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