Fair Damsels and Foul Treachery

Random Crap

that happens between quests


Lucianus and Seraphinus have been reinstated as Lords of Mocha Hill, and order seems to be restored. However, all is not as it seems, and trouble is bubbling from under the surface as the Damsel continues her scheming, and Adilene has gone mysteriously missing. More looming questions remain — who is Grumpleschnacky and how did he get involved? Does Seraphinus have any dark secrets that he’s hiding, perhaps making his imprisonment justified? The second act of this chronicle is where every question just leads to more questions…

Scene 16. Downtime

  • The characters go their own ways and replenish Glamour for the upcoming conflict: Jeeves plays violin at a funeral, Tom tries to stir up anger at political rallies, Jeeves and Tom both work together at churches to raise money for child victims (with little success), Leigh harvests fruit in the Hedge, and Dico recharges Glamour via Pandora’s Basement (and goes through a mini-initiation rite to become a member of the Spring Court). Dico ends up putting on a virtuoso performance at Pandora’s Basement in an avant-garde circus act, which earns her even more Glamour.
  • The characters meet up with Seraphinus, who simply wants to know more of what’s going on, and tells the PC’s that Johnny and the Margraves are also victims in this whole Damsel mess and may provide a key to taking the Damsel down. According to Seraphinus, the gem-gathering by the Margraves was a quest from the Damsel that in some way fulfills her dark bidding.

Scene 17. Back to the Goblin Market

  • PC’s meet with Grumpleschnacky at the Goblin Market, ask a few questions about the diary (which they don’t have), and get vaguely threatening responses.



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