Fair Damsels and Foul Treachery

Showdown with the Margravate

things start to get really heated now

Scene 11. Fax from Lucianus

Lucianus sends out the following fax immediately after the PC’s leave Mocha Hill:

Lucianus clearly acknowledges that tensions have risen considerably, and that the PC’s must succeed where Roscoe and Sarlandra failed: infiltrating the Margraves and finding the hidden dragon-gem cache. Our brave heroes prepare to infiltrate the Brim with no questions asked….which is undoubtedly either extremely brave or extremely foolish. Maybe both.

Scene 12. Margrave Showdown!!

The characters travel to the Brim in Nanjemoy to conduct a stealth mission: infiltrate the Brim and retrieve a cache of hidden items used to control Seraphinus. Problem is, the Brim is guarded by a dozen or so militaristic Margraves with an axe to grind against all Mocha Hill changelings. Nevertheless, our brave heroes arrive at the farmhouse surroundings (thanks to Lucianus’s map sent via fax on page 2).

Mack drives up to the entrance of the dirt road, and leaves Tom, Cheese, and Jeeves to conduct the stealth operation. The burglar trio makes it to within a hundred or so feet away from the house before getting spotted with a giant searchlight by the Margraves who happened to be patrolling, and the fun beings: Cheese climbs up a tree and creates a diversion to attract attention (which succeeds), while Tom and Jeeves continue to creep towards the house with help from Tom’s shadowy Contracts. Cheese gets shot at, and pursued by a canine shapeshifter (BlueDog) from whom Cheese barely escapes thanks to a misdirection Contract.

Meanwhile, Tom and Jeeves break into a cellar thanks to Tom’s lockpicking skill, and find the dragon-control gems in the basement crawl space past the cellar. Problem is, the Margraves are wise to Cheese’s distraction and trap Tom and Jeeves in the crawl space. Eventually, Henderson the Margrave leader himself decides to attack the burglars at any cost, even if he has to break through his own cinderblock wall with an Ogre contract. Jeeves tries to escape by breaking the ceiling above — a plan which is just crazy enough to succeed, but it takes Jeeves three rounds to break the wood paneling above him, and in the meantime Tom takes near-lethal wounds from Tom’s axe. Eventually, Jeeves rescues Tom and escapes out the first-floor back window…

…where Mack picks up the Tom and Jeeves in the getaway car, after getting past BlueDog, rescuing Leigh from a tree, and getting a tire punctured and a couple windows broken from gunfire. Needless to say, Mack’s car is in bad shape, but the characters manage to escape with their lives intact, and the dragon-gems and gauntlet (used to control Lucianus) safe with Tom the near-critically wounded thief. Leigh heals Tom, and Mack changes the tire at a gas station with decent lighting. Eventually, the changelings make it back to the Hogs Head Tavern, and the game session ends here.



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