Fair Damsels and Foul Treachery

The Damsel's Mansion of Splendors, Pt. 1

The party divides in two, with no end in sight

Scene 21. Tricked by a Unicorn. Again.

  • Leigh, Mack, and Cheese sleep in the forest, and the next day are greeted by a unicorn in need of help.
  • Unicorn asks Mack for help, and he travels into a hedge gate in an effort to help the unicorn (Shelby). However, he is not as he seems, and Mack finds himself in the Damsel’s mansion in Arcadia.

Scene 22. The Rat Man

  • Dico, Mr. Fifi, and Fyedra are escoted to their guest quarters, which at first seems more like a prison cell than a guest bedroom. Tom skulks around looking for a way to break Dico out, and eventually finds a (normal-sized) friendly rat that leads him toward a note in the cellar. The note is written by Roscoe, who informs Tom that he knows secrets.

Scene 23. The Damsel’s Palace

  • The palace is an Alice in Wonderland-style bizarre funhouse, constructed using the bizarre geometry of the True Fae. They wander through bizarrely-shaped hallways, rooms filled with dozens of Hedgespun gowns, and old decrepit ex-knights who only want to be left alone to die in peace.
  • Eventually, the PC’s wander upon the palace armory, but unfortulately meet about a half-fozen guards as well. The guards fight Leigh, Mack, and Cheese — doing significant harm to all three but killing none of them before eventually fleeing to warn the other knights. A couple knights fall into a hallucinatory trace thanks to Otis’s venom.



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