Fair Damsels and Foul Treachery

The Damsel's Mansion of Splendors, Pt. 2

Where DIco makes a deal with the Damsel herself

Scene 24. Dico’s Performance.

Dico eventually puts on a virtuoso performance for Adilene, who is completely drunk from Arcadian liquor but nevertheless loves the performance, in no small part thans to the powerful persuasive enchantments weaved by Dico throughout hte perofrmance. However, Dico plays the role of a True Fae within the play, and this makes the Damsel jealous: someone else is coming in to her kingdom and acting superior to her! The Damsel cannot stand for this, and appears in all her Fae glory to make an ultimatum: Either Dico serves her, or her allies all die. Dico eventually agrees to server the Damsel temporarily and do her bidding in the form of a quest: bring all of her escaped dragons back to the Palace of Magnificent Splendors within a year and a day. Dico agrees, and in return the Damsel grants Dico’s allies leave of her palace.

Scene 25. Back in the Real World

(the PC’s find out everything that has changed)



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