Fair Damsels and Foul Treachery

The Dead Margrave Aftermath

and preparation for the final showdown


With the threat of the Margraves under control and their ties to the Fair Damsel’s schemes reavealed, the player character can now proceed to unravel the Damsel’s pledge and free Lucianus and Seraphinus from their Keeper’s influence once and for all. However, there are many more secrets to be uncovered: Eltiana is still missing and scheming, Adilene’s true role in the Damsel’s plot is still unknown, and why the Damsel has special interest in Mocha Hill (aside from having two lords as her former subjects) is still a little fuzzy. All these things will be revealed in time — but only if the PC’s play their cards right.

Scene 28. Recovery

During the week after Henderson’s death, Tom and Jeeves spend a week in recovery at Southern Maryland Hospital to recover from their near-mortal wounds. Leigh gets a congratulatory call from Lucianus, who informs her that Mocha Hill made a peace offering with the Margravate and in the process persuaded a couple former Margraves to defect and rejoin Mocha Hill. Lucianus also informs the Hogs Head party that Adriannen wants to speak to them about the Margravate, and more importantly about Mocha Hill’s future.

Scene 29. Adriannen’s Revelation

Eventually, the Hogs Head party meets up with Lucianus and Adriannen. The Hogs Heads give Adriannen all the details of what happened in the Hedge. Afterwards, Adriannen reveals some vital information:

  • The Margravate have an Ancient Pact that allows them to live freely in the Brim. However, the Damsel made a pledge with them that if the Margravate hand over all four Lords of Mocha Hill, then she can change the AAnciant Pact so that they gain control of Mocha Hill as well — only possible if Mocha Hill doesn’t have its true lords. This pledge undermines the ancient seasonal pledge (good for the Damsel and other True Fae), creates discord in the Mocha Hill freehold, and allows a third party to hand her Lucianus and Seraphinus.
  • However, Lucianus knew of all this, but was powerless so long as he had no explanation for his brother’s “alliance” with Johnny Look-in-the-air. However, he consulted with Adriannen and his solution was to invoke a little-known pledge named the Heroes’ Call, wherein a Lord of Mocha Hill pledges to offer his total assistance and a bit of his power to a band of strangers who “answer the call.” The band of strangers, of course, are the Hogs Heads and their companions (Leigh Blarfingard, Dico, and Phineas “Tom” Fletcher).



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