Fair Damsels and Foul Treachery

When Margraves Attack!!

(and lose)

Scene 26. Downtime

(not much happens)

Scene 27. Margrave Attack on the Hogs Head Tavern!

  • Two ogres enter the Hogs Head Tavern and start getting belligerent and roughing up the patrons. They start getting violent, and the PC’s act in defense of the tavern.
  • The fight gets serious: A truck comes crashing into the Tavern, with Scissorman driving the truck and Henderson in the passenger seat. They get out of the truck and brandish their weapons, and Scissorman calls upon the Rage of Revenge.
  • A nasty 10-round fight follows, with Scissorman and both ogres getting mortally wounded. Jeeves and Mack both become nearly mortally wounded, saved only by Leigh’s healing touch. Tom takes a couple nasty shots from the sniper, eventually becoming mortally wounded (not dead, but near-death) and unconscious from blood loss to the head.
  • When only Henderson remains, he runs upstairs and tries to crash out of the window by using his Stone contracts. However, his abilities fail to activate, and Henderson eventually is rendered unconscious by his attempt to break the window (and from some fail-tastic rolling from the Storyteller). Jeeves eventually slits Henderson’s throat, leaving him dead in the cold streets of Waldorf.

(Final death count: 2 — Henderson dies on the scene, and Scissorman dies before making it to the hospital.)



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