Mysterious Daughter of the Ice Queen (mortal??)

Virtue: Hope Vice: Sloth Entitlements: None
Intelligence •• Strength Presence ••••
Wits •• Dexterity ••• Manipulation ••
Resolve Stamina •• Composure ••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Academics Unseen Sense ••• Health: 7
Computer Contacts (underworld) ••• Willpower: 3
Investigation Quick Healer •• Morality: 5
Occult Striking Looks •••• Defense: 2
Drive Language (Spanish) • Size: 5
Larceny •• Toxin Resistance •• Initiative: 5
Expression •• Speed: 9
Persuasion ••
Streetwise ••
Subterfuge (misdirection) •••

Gear & Equipment: typical teenage stuff like her cell phone. At best, she can defend herself with a can of pepper spray.


Striking Looks: Adilene is attractive in a very otherworldly, Fairest way: her eyes are sparkling violet-blue, and her skin is milky-pale.


Concept: Troubled teen torn between two powerful changeling parents.

Background: Birth name Adilene Wenford, DOB 7/7/1992.

Daughter of Eltiana and a mysterious father, and pulled by the strings of powerful changelings. Seemed like a normally happy and well-adjusted child until her early teen years, when she got caught up in smoking and drug use — she thought she was “out of reach”, but little did she know at the time, her parents have ways of finding stuff out that normal mortal parents don’t have. Got kicked out of prep school twice, and now goes to a girls-only military style boarding school in upstate New York — far enough away from Mocha Hill to require a serious road trip if one wished to investigate her.

Adilene underwent a fairly serious personality shift around middle-school age — which is by no means unusual, but has many changelings wondering if she is really a Fetch. Several changelings with Occult knowledge (including Odessa, Drusy, and Kendrick) have spoken out in saying that Adilene is not a Fetch, but nevertheless she has an unmistakable air of faerie “otherness” detectable with a simple Kenning roll. No one aside from her parents knows anything more definitive, and they have remained very silent on the matter. If any changeling took on a quest via Pledge or oath to find more out about Adilene, they too are remaining very silent as well.


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