Mad Former King of Summer

Seeming: Beast Kith: Hunterheart Court: Summer
Virtue: Prudence Vice: Wrath Entitlements: None
Intelligence ••• Strength •••• Presence ••••
Wits ••• Dexterity ••••• Manipulation ••
Resolve ••••• • Stamina ••• Composure •••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Academics Mantle (Summer) ••••• Wyrd ••••• •
Crafts •• Status (Bloody Wing) ••••• Glamour / Per Turn: 15 / 6
Investigation •• Contacts •• Health: 8
Politics •• Hollow (cave bunker) ••••• • Willpower: 9
Athletics (sprinting) •••• Resources Clarity: 3
Brawl (grappling) ••••• • Brawling Dodge Initiative: 8
Drive •• Fast Reflexes •• Defense: 3
Firearms (hunting rifles, large pistols) ••••• • Fresh Start Size: 5
Larceny •• Fleet of Foot •• Speed: 14
Stealth (camouflage) ••••• Kung Fu ••••
Survival (foraging) ••••• • Retainer (Andrew: ensorcelled war vet) ••••
Weaponry Retainer (Blake: ensorcelled war vet) ••••
Animal Ken ••• Contracts
Empathy Mirror ••
Intimidation (threats) •••• Fang and Talon (felines) •••••
Persuasion ••• Fleeting Summer •••••
Sociallize •• Eternal Summer •••••
Subterfuge ••

Note: Hunting rifles was Adriannen’s specialty when he had two arms — he took a second specialty when losing his arm and making a rifle unwieldy.

Health: 9 (+1 for Summer Mantle 5)

Willpower: 10 (+1 for Knight’s Oath, Lifetime)

Derangements: Obsessive Compulsive (severe), Paranoia (severe), Irrationality (mild)

Seeming Blessing: 8 again on Animal Ken, +1 specialty, spend X Glamour to add X dice to Presence and Composure dice pools.

Seeming Curse: -4 on Mental skills, no 10 again on Intelligence rolls

Kith Ability: unarmed attacks do Lethal damage

Gear & Equipment: Adriannen doesn’t use weaponry, but lately has been seen carrying a hunting rifle or a pistol. Adriannen typically wears camouflage or some other military-style outfit.

Type Damage Size Special Dicepool
Claws 0 (L) - - 9
Type Damage Range Shots Special Dicepool
Colt .45 3 (L) 30/60/120 7+1 - 14
Hunting Rifle 5 (L) 200/400/800 5+1 - 16(13)


Mantle: Adriannen’s cat eyes glow bright red whenever he is mad or angry, and you can see heat waves when you look into his eyes. Adriannen gives off a lot of heat, and a fiery streak follows him when walking or running.


One Arm (-3 to all manual tasks performed quickly, or take twice as long. Unarmed combat and any other style of fighting where two hands are preferable are performed with a -3 penalty as well.)


Knight’s Oath (Mocha Hill, Lifetime pledge: Sam Scrapiron was liege, but is now deceased. Adriannen got his own Hollow blessed as a part of Mocha Hill, which received Elbin’s blessing and made Elbin quite unpopular but saved Adriannen from the Death sanction.)

Good Neighbors Pact (Elbin)

Knight’s Oath (to vassal Reginald)

Commendation (2 ogrish vassals)

Danse Macabre (Dravain), BROKEN: Adriannen pledged himself to the same oaths as Dravain. Dravain broke the Danse Macabre oath but both suffer the Sanction (which only applies to the other).


Concept: Honorable but nevertheless mad elder lord of Summer, out for revenge against his former enemies.

Background: Birth name Brendan Rourke, DOB 2/10/20, abducted 1942, returned 1956, appears as man in his 40s

Brendan grew up as the first of six children on a farm in rural Virginia. His childhood was rough growing up in the lean years of the Depression, but Brendan was a natural athlete and was a productive farmhand at a young age, and went to work full-time at the age of 14. Five years later, Brendan enlisted in the Army out of a desire to protect his family, and to be prepared for the impending war that was to rage across the globe. He eventually became a paratrooper in 1941, and sent out to the Pacific Islands when the U.S. declared war against Japan.

However, the first rescue mission Brendan was assigned was a bit…strange. An Allied plane had crashed there, yet there was no evidence of a crash. After two days, Brendan decided to investigate at night, without direct orders, and was from that night onward officially declared MIA. In truth, he was taken prisoner by a True Fae dressed in blood-red mock Roman Centurion garb and with a body of sickly green ash, who pit men against beasts (where both were treated as pit-fighting slaves) in a bizarre and perverse form of gladiatorial combat. Adriannen thought he was captured by the Nazis, and developed an intense loathing for his Keeper. However, he was eventually able to “buy” his freedom after winning ten fights against the ash-colored human combatants, as a lionoid beast.

Adriannen returned to the mortal world in 1956, a dead man according to Uncle Sam, and tried to eke out a living far from civilization. However, he found another of his kind — the Summer Court elder knight Sam Scrapiron, a fellow combat veteran who took a liking to the young hunter. Adriannen quickly rose to prominence within the D.C. freehold and served for fifteen years, until his mentor passed away and his good friend Old Guthrie moved to the Southern Maryland freehold. Adriannen moved to Southern Maryland where a Summer ruler was needed, and joined a motley pledge with Dravain and Old Guthrie. This motley was prosperous for two decades, but started to disintegrate when Old Guthrie died in 1983 to his Keeper and it became more and more apparent that Dravain was not to be trusted. This animosity culminated in the famous death-duel of 1993, where Dravain fled the scene and his ogrish “ace-in-the-hole” minion attacked Adriannen and bit his arm off.

Adriannen has since fled to his Hollow (nichnamed “Hall of Light and Iron”) near Roanoke, VA, but spends more time hot on Dravain’s trail (and others with suspected Fae loyalties) than keeping his Hollow in order, leaving those duties to knight Reginald who is training a crack team of Ogre militants with contracts in Oath and Punishment. Adriannen is wholly consumed by his personal quest to defeat Fae loyalists and Court oathbreakers, but stops short of being a true bridge-burner (who he believes to be mostly selfish and dishonorable) and makes sure that innocents don’t get harmed if possible. (Note: Adriannen isn’t an Antagonist in the same sense as Dravain is, but is quickly angered. Newbie changelings are well-advised to stay at arms length from Adriannen’s motley.)


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