Blue Dog

Loyal March Hound

Seeming: Beast Kith: Truefriend Court: Courtless
Virtue: Charity Vice: Pride Entitlements: Margravate of the Brim
Intelligence ••• Strength ••• Presence ••
Wits ••• Dexterity •••• Manipulation ••
Resolve ••• Stamina •••• Composure •••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Investigation ••• Fleet of Foot Wyrd •••••
Medicine ••• Natural Immunity Glamour / Per Turn: 14 / 5
Athletics (running) •••• Strong Back •• Health: 9
Brawl •• Allies (Margravate) ••••• Willpower: 6
Larceny (lockpicking) ••• Contacts (police) ••• Clarity: 6
Stealth ••• Contacts (ghost hunters) ••• Initiative: 7
Animal Ken (dogs) ••••• Status (Margravate) ••• Defense: 3
Empathy •• Harvest •• Size: 5
Sociallize ••• Hollow •• Speed: 12
Fang and Talon (canines) •••••
Den •••••

Seeming Blessing: 8-again on Animal Ken; spend Glamour to add to dice pools involving Presence and Composure

Seeming Curse: -4 penalty on Mental skills in which character has no dots; no 10-again on rolls involving Intelligence

Kith Ability: Companion’s Boon – 1 Glamour to grant an ally a +3 to any roll. Must see and be able to speak to the friend and he can hear him

Gear & Equipment:

Blue Dog carries with her camping equipment, hunting knives, a small pistol and ammo, and a medical kit.


Hollow (Size 5, Amenities 3, Wards 5, Doors 5): Shared among members of the Margravate.



Blue Dog appears as an average-sized, plain-looking Black woman with brown hair and eyes. Her mien is similarly small and plain, but covered with coarse brown fur, and her hands are clawed, her feet like elongated dog’s paws. Her eyes, however, are a striking shade of blue.


Crow’s Nest for the Margravate. Blue Dog endured in Faerie as her Keeper’s “pet,” a loyal dog with whom the childlike Keeper played cruel and bizarre games. Now she puts her heightened awareness and senses – as well as the many contacts she has garnered over the years – to good use, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary that might threaten the Brim or the Freehold within it.

Blue Dog

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