Gambling Fool of Mocha Hill


Caleb (Beast/Coyote/Spring)

James Ferell was always a gamblin’ man, ever since high school when he used to bet on sports and dice games. When James went to the local community college, he was strapped for cash until he got into poker — and then he started playing the hustle and winning big. James had a knack for reading people, and knew when to bet big and when to hold his chips for another day. However, in March of 1990 James met his match, in the form of a well-dressed Middle Eastern businessman with deep pockets. The mysterious man cleaned James out in an eight-hour poker match, then offers a way to win the money back: work for me for a month. James was in debt and accepted against his better judgment, knowing that he can always get out — little did James know that there is no easy out from Arcadia. The man kept his promise of one month, but the one month in mortal time was really seven years in Arcadia in the “Shark’s Den”, playing various twisted games against the Keeper’s minions in an effort to gather enough money to pay the toll. Eventually Caleb paid his toll, and wanted nothing to do with Faerie or changelings for five years until he met up with some kindred spirits from Mocha Hill who aspired to live the easy life free of Fae influence.


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