Chandani Shah

aka "Miss Anthropic", Leader of the Fat Bottomed Girls

Seeming: Fairest Kith: Gandharva Court: Spring
Virtue: Charity Vice: Greed Entitlements: None
Intelligence •• Strength Presence •••
Wits •• Dexterity ••• Manipulation •••
Resolve ••• Stamina •• Composure ••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Computer Allies (motley) ••• Wyrd •••
Crafts (sewing) • Barfly Glamour / Per Turn: 12 / 3
Politics •• Fame Health: 7
Athletics (dancing) •• Mentor (Holly Grail) •• Willpower: 5
Brawl (dirty tricks) • Resources ••• Clarity: 7
Stealth •• Status (LGBT community) •• Initiative: 5
Empathy ••• Token (Hedgespun Wardrobe) ••• Defense: 2
Expression (dancing, jokes) ••• Hollow •••• Size: 5
Persuasion (sweet-talk) •••• Contracts Speed: 9
Sociallize (nightlife) •••• Vainglory •••
Eternal Spring ••
Separation ••

Seeming Blessing: spend Glamour to improve dice pools for Presence, Manipulation and Persuasion (each point spent increases pool by one die)

Seeming Curse: -1 die penalty on dice pools to avoid losing Clarity

Kith Ability: spend point of Glamour to gain Exceptional Success on Expression or Persuasion rolls at 3 successes instead of 5, lasts for remainder of the scene

Gear & Equipment: n/a (Unless her wardrobe counts.)


Motley Pledge (Fat Bottomed Girls)



To humans, Chandani appears to be tall, solidly built, with long limbs and a pleasant smile, her skin a dusky shade, her eyes brown and hair black. To other Lost, she remains tall but more willowy and graceful, her skin turning a gleaming golden hue and her breasts and hips seem to shrink slightly, giving her a boyish look.


Chandani Shah (b. 1986) knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up: a drag queen. Like Dolly Parton, she loved the look of women who took their own inborn femininity to ridiculous heights: huge fake breasts, long fake nails, too much makeup, wigs that defied gravity. Her desire to be campy and larger than life did not sit well with her conservative, India-born parents, and Chandani soon found herself bouncing from relative to relative, until she ended up living with friends in a broken-down apartment in DC.

Thanks to Chandani’s gift of gab and persuasive attitude, she was stolen away by a True Fae known as Maharani Maya, who kept Chandani and her three changeling “sisters” as retainers on her trips throughout Arcadia. The changelings served also as entertainers, waitstaff, messengers and ambassadors, expected to have impeccable manners and honeyed tongues.

Chandani, however, was anything but compliant, and after beating the changeling to within an inch of her life the Maharani exiled Chandani from her territory.

The very first changeling that Chandani met on her return to Earth was Giovanna da Silva, who introduced the girl to Holly Grail, a seasoned veteran of the drag circuit and Miss Anthropic’s mentor in all things fabulous.

Encouraged by Holly as well as GiovannaDaSilva, Chandani is still evolving her Miss Anthropic persona, and desires nothing more than to found a Maryland Mission of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and a genderf**k artist supreme. She and Giovanna were married in a religious ceremony in 2005, but for obvious reasons are not legally married.

Chandani Shah

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