Shining Knight of Crimson

Seeming: Fairest Kith: Bright One Court: Summer
Virtue: Charity Vice: Envy Entitlements: None
Intelligence ••• Strength ••• Presence •••
Wits •• Dexterity •••• Manipulation ••
Resolve ••• Stamina •••• Composure ••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Academics •• Mantle (Summer) ••••• Wyrd ••••
Crafts •• Resources Glamour / Per Turn: 13 / 4
Investigation (police detective) •••• Court Goodwill: Autumn Health: 9
Politics Court Goodwill: Winter Willpower: 5
Athletics (running) ••• Allies (police) •••• Clarity: 6
Brawl ••• Fighting Finesse •• Initiative: 6
Drive •••• Mentor (Adriannen) ••••• Defense: 2
Firearms (pistols) •••• Fleet of Foot •• Size: 5
Stealth •• Contracts Speed: 12
Survival •• Hearth ••
Weaponry (swords) •••• Artifice ••
Animal Ken Vainglory •••
Empathy Fleeting Summer
Intimidation •••
Persuasion ••

Seeming Blessing: spend Glamour to improve dice pools for Presence, Manipulation and Persuasion (each point spent increases pool by one die)

Seeming Curse: -1 die penalty on dice pools to avoid losing Clarity (Vassalage blessing cancels out this penalty)

Kith Ability: Goblin Illumination (illuminate small room, spend 1 Glamour to make light painfully intense, -2 attack dice)

Gear & Equipment: Elbin fancies himself as an old-fashioned aristocratic knight, and as such always wears well-polished and finely decorated gear. His sword and boots are always well-polished, and he usually wears vestments of red, silver, or gold. Elbin sometimes wears medieval-style armor to formal events, tournaments, or battles (so long as the battle isn’t in an urban environment; Elbin might be a bit foppish but he isn’t stupid.)

Type Damage Size Special Dicepool
Broadsword 3 (L) 2 - 13
Brawling 0 (B) - - 6


Mantle: Elbin’s kith and mantle combine to form a soft glowing red-orange light that becomes intensely crimson when Elbin is angry or agitated. When Elbin is in combat, a faint trail of sparks can be seen trailing his sword motions.


Citizen’s Pledge

Knight’s Oath (Adriannen was original liege, took re-dedication oath with Walter Lucianus as liege in 2005; Lifetime duration)†

Good Neighbors Pact (Adriannen and Sid Bigteeth; Lifetime duration)

† Elbin’s Knight’s Oath is currently sworn to Walter Lucianusand remains as such unless Lucianus is stripped of his title. Furthermore, the Oath to Adriannen would retroactively apply if Adriannen happens to become lord of Mocha Hill once again. Hey, it could happen.


Concept: Police officer turned old-fashioned quixotic knight

Background: Birth name Doug Blackwell, DOB 8/8/55, abducted 1983, returned 1986.

Born as the youngest of four children in a military household. Doug’s father was a career Navy officer and WW2 veteran, and he went from school to school throughout his childhood without making any really close friends. Doug had a fascination with military ships and aircraft, and became an avid wargamer throughout high school and early college, with a talent for strategy and logistics. However, Doug never made it into the Naval Academy (his childhood dream), and eventually ended up pursuing a career in law enforcement, and served in the force for seven years until abducted by a Keeper named “The Golden Knight” who fancied himself a military warlord who kept servants to shine his shoes, feed his horses, and other such menial tasks. To Elbin, this was rather painless as Durances go, and he was released voluntarily after five years’ stay.

Elbin returned back to Earth and found out that some creature had stolen his past life. He saw this as his quest: get rid of the creature (Fetch) who was trying to sabotage his career, then get back to everyday living. Elbin ambushed the creature, only to find out that his Fetch had a sizth sense and called in the “intruder” to his police buddies with accurate information! Fortunately, Elbin was spirited away by a changeling who caught wind of Elbin’s “quest” and shadowed him. Elbin eventually found his way into the Mocha Hill freehold and found favor in the Summer Court (who admired his bravado), and eventually became Adriannen’s trusted knight. and became so involved with Court affairs that he forgot about his Fetch until the Fetch committed suicide a year later.

In the wake of the Adriannen-Dravain death duel, Elbin became the Summer Lord, but Elbin was not particularly highly regarded as a Court Lord: he was too uncompromising in defense of Adriannen, fought for a complete pardon for Reginald (Adriannen’s other knight who became a bridge-burner), and fought for SidBigteeth to become a knight of Mocha Hill. Elbin also demanded that a death squad be sent after Dravain (and others he named as accomplices) in spite of others’ protestations, and always managed to quarrel with either Drusy or Eltiana about something.


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