Erik Forkbeard

Elder Justice of Mocha Hill

Seeming: Ogre Kith: Cyclopean Court: Summer
Virtue: Justice Vice: Pride Entitlements: None
Intelligence ••• Strength ••••• Presence •••
Wits •• Dexterity ••• Manipulation ••
Resolve ••• Stamina •••• Composure •••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Academics Language (Swedish) ••• Wyrd •••••
Crafts ••• Court Goodwill: Winter (Winter) •• Glamour / Per Turn: 14 / 5
Investigation ••• Token (Hoarfrost Spine) ••• Health: 9
Occult •• Token (Glass Eye) ••• Willpower: 6
Politics Brawling Dodge Clarity: 7
Athletics (throwing) ••• Boxing ••• Initiative: 6
Brawl (dirty tricks) •••• Iron Stamina •• Defense: 2
Drive (motorcycles) •••• Mentor (Sam Scrapiron †) ••••• Size: 5
Firearms (shotgun) •••• Resources ••• Speed: 13
Larceny Contracts
Survival •••• Smoke •••
Weaponry (great axe) •••• Stone •••
Intimidation •••• Eternal Summer •••
Persuasion Oath and Punishment •••••
Sociallize Delayed Harm (Goblin) •••

Seeming Blessing: spend X glamour for +X dice on Strength, Brawl, or Intimidate dice pools

Seeming Curse: no 10 again on Composure (not including Perception rolls), -1 die to Composure as defense trait

Kith Ability: 8 again on Wits-based Perception rolls, keen sense of smell

Gear & Equipment: brief description of notable equipment.

Type Damage Size Special Dicepool
Great Axe 5 (L) 4 9 again 15
Brass Knuckles 1 (B) - - 10
Type Damage Range Shots Special Dicepool
12 gauge 4 (L) 20/40/80 5+1 9 again 9


Mantle: Erik rages with an inner flame when readying for battle, and his beard takes on the appearance of a wispy blue flame.

Token (Glass Eye): Erik’s eye allows him to see through fog as if it were clear air when activated for one scene, but his sight will be blurred (and suffer a -2 to Perception rolls) for one hour thereafter.

Mentor: Sam Scrapiron has been deceased for some time, but the dots remain as an indicator of Erik’s early tutelage.


One Eye (has replacement glass eye, but can only see out of 2 eyes if he activates his glass eye token.)


Citizen’s Pledge

Justicar’s Oath (variant of Knight’s Oath)



Erik appears as an old and disheveled biker in his 50’s, with sandy-blonde hair in a short mullet, a long mangy beard, and a surgically replaced eye that appears clear even in his Mask. Erik is quite large (6’6" 265 lb.) and often times has a “don’t mess with me” scowl, but can be quite friendly and boisterous around people he knows well.

Concept: Old, grizzled, and weather-beaten ogre who none dare cross. Keeping faithful to your Pledges never looked better.

Background: Birth name Tharik Gustafsson, DOB 3/29/1922, abducted 1948, returned 1952.

Lived his early years in the far-northern mountains of Scandinavia, where Tharik and his family lived through World War II but didn’t feel the effects of Nazi occupation as harshly as most of his countrymen. After the war, Tharik took care of his ailing sister and put his trust in a mysterious “wise woman” who turned out to be a snow-forest hag, but Tharik was none the wiser until the hag took him to Arcadia. Tharik served his Durance for nineteen years as a cyclopean Viking warrior who raided zombie-esque herders who tended to flocks of demonic sheep and goats, and eventually escaped after getting hold of a glass eye and rowing his way to safety for 21 days through fog-thickened brackish water.

Tharik eventually came back to the mortal world (as Erik Forkbeard) on the other side of the Atlantic, in Newfoundland, but eventually met and befriended Sam Scrapiron — who mentored Erik and Adriannen, two prominent warriors of DC’s Summer Court. When Adriannen took over, the first thing he did was reinstate TheHounds in Mocha Hill with Erik as his lead man, and few objected. However, Erik eventually questioned Adriannen’s increasing ruthlessness and tendencies towards “might makes right” style rulership, whereas Erik believed that justice can’t exist without honor. When Adriannen left, Erik stayed and fought to restore balance to Mocha Hill while lending his hulking-strong axe arm so that Mocha Hill courtiers stay honest.

Popular opinion holds that Dravain would be long dead if Adriannen and Erik had stayed friends; Erik would’ve undoubtedly found and killed Dravain if he were given the task to hunt Dravain, but instead Reginald took the job, and little has been heard since.

Erik Forkbeard

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