Fat John

Skull Basher of the Margravate

Seeming: Ogre Kith: Gristlegrinder Court: Courtless
Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Gluttony Entitlements: Margravate of the Brim
Intelligence Strength •••• Presence •••
Wits •• Dexterity •• Manipulation
Resolve Stamina ••• Composure ••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Computer Giant •••• Wyrd
Crafts Resources Glamour / Per Turn: 10 / 1
Athletics (throwing) • New Identity Health: 9
Brawl ••• Iron Stomach •• Willpower: 3
Drive •• Iron Stamina •• Clarity: 5
Larceny Contracts Initiative: 4
Stealth Hearth Defense: 2
Survival (foraging) •••• Stone •••• Size: 6
Weaponry (club) ••• Speed: 11
Animal Ken
Intimidation (bluster) •••
Streetwise ••

Seeming Blessing: spend X glamour for +X dice on Strength, Brawl, or Intimidate dice pools

Seeming Curse: no 10 again on Composure (not including Perception rolls), -1 die to Composure as defense trait

Kith Ability: Terrible Teeth – bite is a Lethal 2 attack, but requires a grapple first.

Gear & Equipment: a big giant metal club. That’s usually enough to keep adversaries at bay.

Type Damage Size Special Dicepool
Terrible Teeth 2 (L) - grapple first 9
Iron Beatstick 3 (B) 3 - 11
Brawling 0 (B) - - 7

Concept: Margrave enforcer who’s tough as nails but not quite as smart as a nail.

Background: Birth name John Klezmer, DOB 6/10/80, abducted 1999, returned 2000.

John wasn’t exactly the smartest or most motivated student all through school, and eventually dropped out of high school to work in construction before getting abducted by his Keeper to move rocks around a mountainous wasteland where the only food source were the same rocks. After several years of eating rocks in Arcadia, Fat John found kindred spirits in the rough-and-tumble survivalist Margravate, who wage war against the Courts and promised to Fat John that he can eat the other hobgoblins and/or changelings that other Margraves kill. Fat John is known for his simple, guttural one-word exclamations such as “KKIIILLLLLL!” when faced with opposition.

Fat John

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