Fyedra Iceheart

Keeper of Draconic Secrets

Seeming: Fairest Kith: Draconic Court: Winter
Virtue: Hope Vice: Envy Entitlements: None
Intelligence ••• Strength Presence •••
Wits •• Dexterity •• Manipulation •••
Resolve ••• Stamina ••• Composure ••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Academics (literature) •• Mantle (Winter) • Wyrd
Computer •• Language (Spanish) •• Glamour / Per Turn: 10 / 1
Occult Language (French) •• Health: 8
Stealth (moving in crowds) •• Contacts (convention circuit) ••• Willpower: 5
Empathy (personalities) •• Contacts (online) ••••• Clarity: 6(5)
Persuasion (seduction) ••• Resources •• Initiative: 4
Sociallize (online communities) ••• Contracts Defense: 2
Subterfuge •••• Vainglory •• Size: 5
Fleeting Winter Speed: 8
Eternal Winter •••

Gear & Equipment: Jenny had access to a top-of-the-line computer and high-speed internet, accounts with several MMORPGs, and a closet full of enticing cosplay outfits, but as Fyedra it all seems really silly now. However, Fyedra does have her computer knowledge intact.


The Temptress’ Oath (Fair Damsel)

Type: Oath, Name of the Keeper

Tasks: Endeavor (medial, -2); Ensorcellment (medial, -2)

Boons: Adroitness (lesser, 1, Persuasion; lesser, +1, Subterfuge); Blessing (lesser, +1, Striking Looks merit); Ensorcellment (2)

Sanction: Poisoning of Boon (Adroitness, -1; Blessing, -1; Ensorcellemnt, -2)

Duration: Year and a Day (+3)

Invocation: 1 Willpower

You shall be my eyes, my ears, my hands and my feet in the realm of men. Seek out men to be my knights, and I shall reward you with a portion of my charm and beauty. Fail at your given task, and face the wrath of your fair mistress. Succeed, and your eyes will gaze upon the many-splendoured wonders of Arcadia forevermore.

Fyedra is currently experiencing the sanctions associated with the oath above — including poisoning of her previous Ensorcellment. However, the pledge is only binding for roughly three more weeks.



Birth name Jennifer Jones: born 1981, abducted and returned 2008.

Jennifer is the girl that everyone knew in middle school. Shy, quiet and mousy, Jennifer blended in so well that she was practically invisible. She didn’t go to many parties; she didn’t have many friends. But she had books. Then a computer. Then the Internet.

Jennifer doesn’t really remember how she met the beautiful woman, but it doesn’t matter. The woman – whose name Jenny doesn’t know – used to come to her in dreams, looking for all the world like she’d stepped out of a fantasy novel. Then she started showing up in Jenny’s waking life. And she made Jenny an offer the girl couldn’t refuse: find handsome men and bring them to the dream-woman, and the woman would open Jenny’s eyes to the marvelous nature of the Fae.

Under her Fae mistress’s tutelage, Jenny was once an ensorcelled thrall who grew to become a master manipulator. She was on the hunt for young men who will please the Damsel, until by a strange turn of events, a motley band from Waldorf kidnapped her and drugged her up during Dragon Con 2008 and took her back to their tavern, until the next morning when TheFairDamsel’s pet ran off into the Hedge with Jennifer, in animal form, sprinting full speed towards Arcadia. Jennifer made it to the Damsel’s realm for all of two days real time, until the Hogs Head motley encounters her once again inside the Damsel’s realm and spirits her away from the Hedge.

Jennifer is long gone, and Fyedra has taken her place. Fyedra spent a good part of her early changeling life laying low, and feeling bitter and sorrowful over the loss of her mortal life. Lucianus and Seraphinus helped her cope with her initial sorrow and brought her into the hold, and in April 2010 Fyedra became visibly angry over Seraphinus’s trial at the hands of the other three courts. One month later Fyedra is reported missing from Mocha Hill, and thus the second adventure begins.

Fyedra Iceheart

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