Jack Iron

Apprentice Justice of Mocha Hill

Seeming: Beast Kith: Render Court: Winter
Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Gluttony Entitlements: None
Intelligence •• Strength •••• Presence ••
Wits •• Dexterity ••• Manipulation •••
Resolve •••• Stamina ••• Composure ••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Computer Court Goodwill: Summer Wyrd ••
Investigation •• Mantle (Winter) • Glamour / Per Turn: 11 / 2
Athletics (sprinting) •• New Identity Health: 8
Brawl (dirty tricks) •••• Brawling Dodge Willpower: 6
Drive Kung Fu ••• Clarity: 5
Firearms •• Mentor (Erik Forkbeard) •••• Initiative: 5
Larceny •• Contacts (goths, club scene, druggies) ••• Defense: 2
Stealth Resources (club bouncer) • Size: 5
Survival Contracts Speed: 12
Weaponry (metal club) ••• Dream
Animal Ken Stone •••
Expression •• Oath and Punishment •••
Intimidation (“the look”) •••• Fleeting Winter
Streetwise ••••
Subterfuge •••

Seeming Blessing: spend X glamour for +X dice on Strength, Brawl, or Intimidate dice pools

Seeming Curse: no 10 again on Composure (not including Perception rolls), -1 die to Composure as defense trait

Kith Ability: ignore up to 3 points of Durability when attacking with bare hands

Gear & Equipment:

Type Damage Size Special Dicepool
Metal Club 3 (B) 2 - 11
Brawling 0 (B) - - 8
Type Damage Range Shots Special Dicepool
38 Special 2 (L) 20/40/80 6 - 7


Mantle: Jack doesn’t have much of a mantle, except his chilling stare when he’s particularly intense about something.

New Identity: Known as James Gunther in the mortal world.


Citizen’s Pledge

Justicar’s Oath (variant of Knight’s Oath)

Reaper’s Pledge (club security guard)



Concept: Shady club bouncer with a mentor who’s trying to straighten his life out.

Background: Birth name James Ryland, DOB 10/11/1981, abducted 1989, returned 1990.

James doesn’t remember much of his early childhood, but his life took a strange turn after stealing and eating the lunches of several first-graders during recess period: when the teacher returned he hid into the closet, but this wasn’t an ordinary closet. Jack ended up in a giant junkyard, where Jack’s Keeper presented him with the task of tearing through tons of metallic junk in search of a lost wedding ring, which the Keeper never found anyhow. When other critters and changelings came into the junkyard, Jack had to ward them off somehow (usually with violence) or face the wrath of his Keeper.

Jack Iron

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