Bunny Surgeon of the Rat Cellar

Seeming: Wizened Kith: Chirurgeon Court: Autumn
Virtue: Charity Vice: Envy Entitlements: None
Intelligence •• Strength Presence ••
Wits ••• Dexterity ••• Manipulation •••
Resolve Stamina •• Composure •••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Crafts (sewing, Hedgespinning) ••• Mantle Wyrd
Medicine ••• Allies (motley) ••• Glamour / Per Turn: 10 / 1
Athletics (running) •• Mentor (Roscoe) ••• Health: 7
Larceny Status Willpower: 4
Animal Ken ••• Meditative Mind ••• Clarity: 8
Empathy ••• Contracts Initiative: 6
Persuasion (sweet-talk) ••• Artifice •• Defense: 3
Sociallize Forge Size: 5
Subterfuge Animation ••• Speed: 9

Seeming Blessing: Spend one Glamour to gain 9 again on all rolls involving Dexterity for the scene; spend Glamour to add Wyrd dots to Dodge total for the rest of the scene

Seeming Curse: No 10-again on dice pools in involving Presence; -2 untrained penalty to using Social Skills in which they have no dots

Kith Ability: 9 again on Medicine dice pools; no penalties for poor equipment so long as something can be jury-rigged; anyone under changeling’s care for any length of time receives the Chiurgeon’s care as though they were in a hospital intensive care unit.

Gear & Equipment: Janica carries a small first-aid and sewing kit on her at all times, but has a larger kit and more tools stashed in the Hollow.

Motley Pledge (Rat Cellar Dwellers)

Freehold Pledge


Appearance: Janica is small and dainty, with heather-gray skin that fades to a pale cream color around her hands, feet, and face, and a bright red streak coloring her mouth. Her ears are rather simian, and her eyes are like bright black buttons – a testament to her Durance amongst stuffed things.


Melissa Harford was just a little girl who, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, said “Doctor.” Well, actually, it was her imaginary friend’s idea at the time, before her imaginary friend “Miss Sally” took on a very real form and offer to grant the little girl’s wish. The Harford parents saw this whole episode as “just an phase” that quickly faded away, but truth be told Melissa was abducted to Faerie and became the resident surgeon for Evil Stuffed Animals. The animals weren’t “evil” per se, but had bright red eyes and loved to cause trouble, and Janica was sometimes either a victim or accomplice in the goings-on of the mad stuffed menagerie. She probably would’ve never escaped were it not for the clumsy giraffe accidentally knocking Janica into a glowing portal, but here she is back in the mortal world as a teenager in 2002. Janica eventually fit in with the Rat Cellar, were the environment is closest to the Mad Menagerie but with too much smoking or drugs for Janica — in many ways she is still a little girl, but she’s adjusted to the adult humor of the Cellar very quickly.


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