Pyretic King of the Far Realms


Appearance: Jeb is short and fat, with a flaming aura. His hair is orange and yellow at the roots with black tips, and wavy. His eyes are deep red.


Jeb has memories of being an immense wildfire in Arcadia, burning down and scorching vast swaths of rainforest. In the human world, he sells bootleg DVDs and fake concert tickets when not sleeping at Mack’s bar and drinking liquor at Mack’s expense.

Part of the Hog’s Head Quartet that became renowned for chasing Jennifer Jones through the mortal world and the Hedge, only to watch her become a dragon. However, Jeb’s fate changed when he stepped into the Hedge and fully realized his nature as a onetime Fae who lived just to watch everything burn down. Jeb is somewhere in the Hedge, presumably wandering for a new domain to burn down, then rule over for eternity.


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