Leigh Blarfingard

Friend to Trees, and Gatherer of Hedge Fruit

Seeming: Elemental Kith: Woodblood Court: Spring
Virtue: Hope Vice: Pride Entitlements: None
Intelligence •• Strength •• Presence •••
Wits ••• Dexterity •• Manipulation ••
Resolve •• Stamina •• Composure •••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Academics Mantle (Spring) •• Wyrd ••
Medicine (holistics) ••• New Identity Glamour / Per Turn: 11 / 2
Occult •• Holistic Awareness ••• Health: 7
Athletics (climbing) •• Hollow (faerie circle) •• Willpower: 5
Brawl Resources Clarity: 7
Firearms (crossbow) ••• Allies (environmentalists) •• Initiative: 5
Stealth (camouflage) ••• Harvest (hedge bounty) • Defense: 2
Survival ••• Court Goodwill: Summer Size: 5
Weaponry •• Court Goodwill: Winter Speed: 9
Animal Ken (animal needs) ••• Court Goodwill: Autumn
Empathy •• Contracts
Expression Eternal Spring •••
Persuasion Elements (wood) •••

Seeming Blessing: spend 1 Glamour to add +2 temporary Health dots

Seeming Curse: no 10 again on Manipulation, Persuasion, Empathy, Expression, or Socialize rolls

Kith Ability: Fade into the Foliage – 9 again on Stealth and Survival in forests, and can spend 1 Glamour to hide in a place Leigh cannot normally hide, so long as there is foliage of some sort.

Gear & Equipment: Leigh carries a satchel full of goblin fruit (and mushrooms from her grove), as well as a crossbow and short sword if Leigh is expecting danger.

Type Damage Size Special Dicepool
Sword 3 (L) 2 - 7
Type Damage Range Shots Special Dicepool
Crossbow 3 (L) 40/80/160 1 3 turns to reload 9


Oath of Silence (from Eltiana)



Petite and pretty 19 year old girl with a earthy woodland look to her.


Works at an animal shelter, rescuing stray animals. Active in Greenpeace, Green Festival, and other environmentalist affairs.

At first, Leigh was a lackluster college student. Then, one boring day, she was lured into a strange place by pretty fairies. The fairies turned Leigh into a house plant complete with roots. Once Leigh was able to pull herself out and get back to the real world, she had a new-found love for Mother Earth and her creatures. To Leigh’s surprise, however, it’s a decade later when she only spent a Month in Arcadia as a houseplant.

Leigh Blarfingard

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