Gray Lady of Mocha Hill

Seeming: Wizened Kith: Woodwalker Court: Winter
Virtue: Temperance Vice: Greed Entitlements: None
Intelligence ••••• Strength Presence ••••
Wits ••••• • Dexterity •• Manipulation •••
Resolve ••••• Stamina Composure ••••• •
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Academics (religious texts, research) ••••• Common Sense •••• Wyrd ••••• ••
Investigation (artifacts) ••• Language (Latin) ••• Glamour / Per Turn: 20 / 7
Medicine ••• Language (Ukrainian) ••• Health: 6
Occult (divination methods, superstitions) ••••• • Language (Greek) •• Willpower: 11
Politics •••• Language (Hebrew) •• Clarity: 5
Larceny •• Language (Russian) • Initiative: 8
Survival (foraging, orienteering) ••••• Contacts (occultists) • Defense: 2
Animal Ken (squirrels, rabbits) ••• Resources •• Size: 5
Empathy ••• New Identity •• Speed: 8
Persuasion (oratory) •••• Mantle (Winter) ••••
Token (Diviner’s Flame) ••••
Long of Days ••••
Visionary Dreams •••
Dream •••••
Artifice ••
Elements ••
Fleeting Winter •••••
Omen •••••
Shade and Spirit ••

Gear & Equipment: Odessa rarely carries equipment with the exception of her Entitlement’s boon, which appears to be a simple cigarette lighter.


Cannot rest in a room that does not also contain plants; cannot refuse aid to someone who is lost (minor taboo).



Odessa is a small, twisted creature one might mistake for a Hob, her pale flesh having the texture of a mushroom’s cap and covered in many places with what appears to be a fine gray mold, much like that found on old bread. Her hair is long and stringy, having the appearance of Spanish moss right down to the minuscule red chiggers that crawl in and out of it like lice.

Her Mantle manifests itself as an extremely bitter cold that follows Odessa everywhere, and her skin is icy to the touch. If she has been touching something for more than a few minutes that cold begins to taint the object, often accompanied by a spreading pattern of frost.


Odessa Boykos (b. 1916) was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and lived there for most of her young life. Her family emigrated to the United States shortly before World War Two and settled in Maryland. The youngest of five children, Odessa’s family was hit very hard by the war and she learned the hard way how to live without much and appreciate what little joys life had to offer. In 1962 she married a Russian expat named Vladimir Sokolov; they had one child before divorcing in 1977.

From an early age Odessa had been taught about fairies and the occult by her mother, all the while keeping this knowledge secret from her father and older brothers. To this day Odessa will tell you that the source of all this knowledge and the family talent for divination – passed from generation to generation of women in her mother’s family – was an ancient pledge made by a forgotten Grandmother with Odessa’s Keeper.

Odessa is very secretive about her Durance, and on the whole an extremely private person. Even her fellow Diviners have trouble reaching out to the crone, but it is rare to find any changeling within Mocha Hill who does not treat Odessa with respect. She is, after all, the oldest changeling in the community and has done much for the Freehold as well as the Winter Court. Her favored method of divination is pyromancy, with a noted emphasis on Botanomancy.


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