Phineas "Tom" Fletcher

The Walking Contradiction

Seeming: Darkling Kith: Larcenist Court: Courtless
Virtue: Justice Vice: Greed Entitlements: None
Intelligence •• Strength Presence
Wits •••• Dexterity •••• Manipulation •••••
Resolve Stamina •• Composure ••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Politics •••• Rigid Mask •• Wyrd
Athletics Fame Glamour / Per Turn: 10 / 1
Firearms ••• Perfect Stillness Health: 7
Larceny ••• Allies (underworld??) ••• Willpower: 3
Stealth •••• Contracts Clarity: 7
Persuasion (charm) ••• Darkness ••• Initiative: 6
Socialize •• Mirror Defense: 4
Subterfuge ••••• Smoke ••• Size: 5
Speed: 10

Seeming Blessing: 9 again on Stealth, spend X glamour for +X dice to Wits, Stealth, Subterfuge dice pools

Seeming Curse: -1 dice to Contracts in daylight, -2 in bright sunlight

Kith Ability: 9 again on Larceny and Socialize when agility is involved. Add +1 to Defense when dodging attacks.

Gear & Equipment: Usually carries just a switchblade on his person, but in dangerous situations Tom will wear a Kevlar vest and carry a concealed Uzi inside his coat.

Type Damage Size Special Dicepool
Knives 1 (L) 1 - 2
Type Damage Range Shots Special Dicepool
Uzi 2 (L) 25/50/100 30+1 - 9

Boon of Summer (from Walter Lucianus)
Oath of Silence (Eltiana)



Standing tall and sturdy, he appears as the epitome of the straight-laced; well-groomed and confident. Some consider him the most honorable being they have ever met. However, he is none of that.

When staring at his mien, his body appears slightly out of focus. Sort of blurry around the edges. There is a darkness to his face, as if it contained more shadows than normal, which defines his features beautifully. His skin is pale, yet perfectly defined and warm to the touch. The fingers on his hands are twice the length of a normal human’s, oddly thin, and pointy. He wears a polo shirt and slacks of the latest fashion, ready for any casual occasion, and carries a silver knapsack to store his “long-time” personal possessions (i.e. his recent pilferings).


Before he was Taken, Phineas Fletcher was a fine businessman from South London. He had a nice wife whom he loved dearly, and two small children. His business had just begun to spread into America, which sent him on a transatlantic jet to New York City. Unfortunately, he never made it to his destination. In Arcadia, he was forced to be the plaything of a demented Fae who would force him to play humiliating games where he would always end up the loser. When the game was over, he would be turned into a random lifeless object and thrown into the bottom of a 60-foot pit with her other toys until desired again. His Keeper would notably summon him using a different name at every beckoning, expecting a swift response. Since returning from his Durance, he has taken every opportunity to contradict himself. He does not remember why he received his nickname “Tom,” but it was probably a name he told someone he was, and it stuck. He has become mostly dishonest about himself, and now lives in a constant state of denial, actually believing his own lies.


Although he may proclaim at moments that “it has already been my focus…”, truthfully he has never set any goals. And the goals he does set, he will always find a way to not accomplish them. I suppose that is his true goal: to do many things, but never to accomplish them fully.

Character Notes

  • He likes to talk up his (nonexistent) physical, mental, and magical abilities while downplaying his social prowess.
  • He hates taking risks, but loves to gamble.
  • He convinces his friends to do good deeds, while robbing tourists blind.
  • He believes the world needs order, yet frequently undermines superiors.
  • He claims to know his true path, yet can:t even choose a Court.
  • He constantly proclaims that his actions need no justifications, but always attempts to justify what he does when it goes wrong.

Phineas "Tom" Fletcher

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