Mischievous Prince of Rats

Seeming: Beast Kith: Skitterskulk Court: Autumn
Virtue: Prudence Vice: Greed Entitlements: None
Intelligence ••• Strength •• Presence •••
Wits ••• Dexterity •••• Manipulation ••••
Resolve Stamina •• Composure ••••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Computer Court Goodwill: Winter ••• Wyrd ••••
Crafts Mantle (Autumn) ••• Glamour / Per Turn: 13 / 4
Investigation New Identity •••• Health: 7
Politics •• Token (ugly stick) •••• Willpower: 5
Athletics •• Danger Sense •• Clarity: 4
Brawl •• Fast Reflexes •• Initiative: 8
Drive Contacts (underworld) ••• Defense: 3
Firearms •• Resources ••• Size: 5
Larceny •••• Contracts Speed: 11
Stealth (crowds) ••• Smoke •••••
Survival (scavenging) ••• Fang and Talon (rat) •••
Animal Ken •• Fleeting Autumn ••
Empathy •• Fleeting Winter
Intimidation •• Shooter’s Bargain (Goblin) •
Persuasion (sales) ••• Fool’s Gold (Goblin) ••
Sociallize ••
Streetwise (black market) ••••
Subterfuge (hiding emotion) ••••


Seeming Blessing: 8 again on Animal Ken, +1 specialty, spend X Glamour to add X dice to Presence and Composure dice pools.

Seeming Curse: -4 on Mental skills, no 10 again on Intelligence rolls

Kith Ability: triple Defense when dodging

Gear & Equipment: Roscoe never appears to carry equipment. However, he will pack a concealed firearm if he thinks it’s necessary.

Type Damage Range Shots Special Dicepool
Pistol 2 (L) 20/40/80 17+1 - 8

Mantle: Changelings pick up a scent of dead leaves whenever Roscoe is near.

Token: a bent ironwood stick. Once per scene the ugly stick can be invoked by pointing at a target and spending a point of Glamour (or rolling Wyrd), where the ugly effect negates Striking Looks and reduce all target’s Social dice pools by 2 for the remainder of the scene. THe user of the stick will sweat and have a bad case of body odor for one hour after the scene finishes.

Resources: Roscoe (Peter Rankel) is a car salesman and knows how to make a good deal.


Pledges go here.


Concept: Shady deal-maker trying to get the upper hand

Background: Birth name Peter Shelby, alias name Peter Rankel, DOB 11/28/79, abducted 1995, returned 1997.

Peter grew up in school as the quintessential class clown, with a knack for putting stink bombs in the school pipes or whoopee cushions on the teacher’s chair. Peter was a chronic underachiever with an attitude that playing by the rules was for lamers and chumps. In his early years Peter could get by on being smart and clever, but in high school his grades really started to suffer. One afternoon after skipping a test, Peter decided to break in and submit his test on the sly, after school. However, when Peter entered the building, the hallway looked like an endless funhouse-mirror, which even in Peter’s stoned state was unusual. Eventually, the hallway led to a giant sewer where Peter spent eleven years of his life living underground, eating bugs and cockroaches, and causing mayhem above where otherworldly ceremonies and dance balls took place. Peter had his change to hone his troublemaking skills to a fine art.

Peter only saw his Keeper once: on the day he was let free. He returned to the mortal world where two years had passed, and found himself with changeling powers and no worldly responsibilities, which Roscoe regarded as the best of both worlds. He eventually found his way to Mocha Hill, and couldn’t help but laugh at all the tales of misfortune and woe among his fellow changelings, and also at some of the more stick-up-the-ass uptight members of changeling society like then Summer Lord Elbin. In response to all this foolishness, Peter created a motley with two like-minded changelings Caleb and Yumboe, where changelings celebrate their more Puckish ways. Using his newfound powers, Roscoe eventually worked his way into mortal society as a salesman, and created an elaborately faked background to avoid raising suspicion. Roscoe’s motley is now known as the infamous Rat Cellar Dwellers, and they have left their mark on Mocha Hill for good or ill, or both.


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