Ashen Knight of Mocha Hill

Seeming: Elemental Kith: Airtouched / Levinquick Court: Autumn
Virtue: Justice Vice: Greed Entitlements: None
Intelligence •• Strength ••• Presence •••
Wits ••• Dexterity ••••• Manipulation ••••
Resolve •• Stamina ••• Composure
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Academics •• Mantle (Autumn) •• Wyrd ••••
Computer •• Resources Glamour / Per Turn: 13 / 4
Crafts Court Goodwill: Spring •••• Health: 8
Investigation ••• Allies •••• Willpower: 3
Occult ••• Harvest (dreams) •• Clarity: 6
Politics (activism) •••• Fighting Finesse (sabre) •• Initiative: 6
Science •• Mentor (Dravain) ••••• Defense: 3
Brawl Fast Reflexes •• Size: 5
Athletics (jumping) •••• Direction Sense Speed: 13
Drive Dual Kith •••
Firearms •• Contracts
Survival ••• Elements (lightning) •••••
Weaponry (fencing blades) •••• Fleeting Spring ••
Animal Ken ••• Eternal Spring
Expression •• Fleeting Autumn
Diviner’s Madness (Goblin) ••

Seeming Blessing: spend 1 Glamour to add +4 temporary Health dots

Seeming Curse: no 10 again on Manipulation, Persuasion, Empathy, Expression, or Socialize rolls

Kith Ability: spend 1 Glamour to add +4 to Speed or Initiative, spend 1 glamour for +2 to both Speed and initiative (both stack; latter lasts 4 turns)

Gear & Equipment: Sarlandra doesn’t carry around weaponry in public, but does carry around a concealed pistol if she feels she is in danger (even if it is out of place among a bunch of environmental activists.) In the company of changelings, she is always armed to some extent.

Type Damage Size Special Dicepool
Rapier 2 (L) 3 armor piercing 1 11
Brawling 0 (B) - - 4
Type Damage Range Shots Special Dicepool
38 Special 2 (L) 20/40/80 6 - 9


Citizen’s Pledge

Knight’s Oath (Dravain was original liege, took re-dedication oath with Seraphinus as liege in 2005; Decade duration)

The Suitor’s Game (vs. Janica; must kiss Seraphinus passionately to “win”) Sarlandra already “won” this bet in 2009.


Concept: Passionate and quick-tempered activist, easily angered by small things.

Background: Birth name Reyna Sapphire Allison, DOB 1/29/68, abducted 1974, returned 1982.

Reyna was born to hippie parents in California during the height of the “Summer of Love” era, to traveling musicians Greg and Josephine who were trying to make a living without holding a real job. From a very early age, Reyna was accustomed to large and noisy crowds, and being raised in a communal environment. however, in 1970, her parents were engaged in a vicious breakup, and Josephine fled with her daughter under cloak of night to live with friends of hers outside Portland, and eventually ended up living in a farming commune in 1973. however, Josephine’s outlook became darker and more fatalistic during these years, and she feared that she would lose her daughter; one year later she received a strangely ominous reading from a gypsy fortune-teller: the storms would return to wreak havoc with her family. Little did she know how literally true the fortune would be: during a particularly violent storm in the late summer of 1974, the storm itself took her daughter Reyna away and left a Fetch in her wake.

Reyna spent the next fifteen years as a storm cloud in a post-holocaust wasteland world where beast-men roamed and scavenged for old metal scraps and junk. The lightning storms (which were themselves alive) were particularly fearsome on this world, and the other hobgoblins and changelings lived in mortal fear of storms, which both disrupted the strange technology and occasionally struck and killed the other animals and creatures. Reyna eventually escaped by striking an obelisk where rituals took place, and the warpstone within sent Sarlandra the living thunderstorm back through the Hedge, and came back through on the other end via another famous obelisk: the Washington Monument.

Sarlandra returned in April of 1982, and soon afterwards found her calling during an Earth Day demonstration that reminded her of her wasteland Durance, and reinforced Sarlandra’s connection to the fury of Mother Earth. When Sarlandra decided to become involved in political groups and environmental nonprofits, she started to gravitate toward the Autumn Court (and Dravain in particular, before he started to go completely mad), where she rose to prominence in a short time and became Dravain’s vassal. Rumors speak of a possible affair between her and Dravain, but by 1990 she developed in intense dislike of her former mentor, and in 1994 she took a reprieve from knightly duties after ten years of service to Mocha Hill, and for an oathbreaking liege at that. Sarlandra became a knight once again when Seraphinus took the crown of Autumn, and since then her loyalty has remained mostly true (in typical on-again-off-again fashion), but recently she has taking a liking to Seraphinus, while he remains only mildly interested.


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