Enforcer of the Margravate [DECEASED]

Seeming: Darkling Kith: Razorhand Court: Courtless
Virtue: Justice Vice: Wrath Entitlements: None
Intelligence •• Strength •• Presence •••
Wits ••• Dexterity ••••• Manipulation •••
Resolve •••• Stamina ••• Composure ••••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Crafts (clothier) •••• Ambidextrous ••• Wyrd •••••
Athletics (sprinting) ••• Quickdraw •• Glamour / Per Turn: 14 / 5
Larceny ••• Weaponry Dodge Health: 8
Weaponry (improvised;knives) •••• Allies (Margravate) ••••• Willpower: 8
Empathy •• Status (Margravate) ••• Clarity: 5
Expression •• Hollow •• Initiative: 9
Persuasion ••• Contracts Defense: 3
Subterfuge Darkness ••• Size: 5
Smoke ••• Speed: 12
Artifice ••
Fair Entrance (Goblin) ••

Seeming Blessing: spend Glamour to increase dice pools that include Wits, Subterfuge, Stealth; gain 9-again on Stealth rolls

Seeming Curse: -1 die penalty to all rolls to enact Contracts during daylight; -2 penalty if sun is directly visible

Kith Ability: Ripper’s Gift – hands at +1L and melee specialty of knives

Gear & Equipment:

Sewing items (scissors, needles, pins, thread, etc.); carries sharpened scissors on his person at all times.

Type Damage Size Special Dicepool
Scissor Hands 1 (L) 1 - 8


Hollow (Size 5, Amenities 3, Wards 5, Doors 5): Shared among members of the Margravate.



Tall, long, with fair skin and red hair, you’ll typically find Scissorman wearing red trousers, with a measuring tape hanging out of one pocket. That’s his Thing, after all. His appearance does not change much from Mask to mien, though his hair becomes fire-engine red, beyond the limits of human genetics but not too strange.


Scissorman was a tailor before he was Taken. He’s still a fine craftsman and often makes clothes for his fellow Margraves, but now Scissorman puts his talents of patience and dexterity to good use as the Doorman, entering the Hedge and keeping an eye on the gateways in the Brim.


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