Draconic Ashen Prince of Mocha Hill

Seeming: Fairest Kith: Draconic Court: Autumn
Virtue: Prudence Vice: Sloth Entitlements: None
Intelligence •••• Strength •••• Presence •••
Wits •• Dexterity •• Manipulation ••
Resolve •• Stamina ••• Composure ••••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Academics Mantle •••• Wyrd •••
Computer ••• Resources •• Glamour / Per Turn: 12 / 3
Crafts (repair computers) ••• Court Goodwill: Summer ••• Health: 8
Science (computers) ••• Language Willpower: 6
Brawl ••• New Identity •• Clarity: 6
Survival •• Contracts Initiative: 6
Weaponry Dream •• Defense: 2
Empathy Eternal Summer Size: 5
Intimidation ••• Fleeting Autumn ••••• Speed: 11
Stone ••

Seeming Blessing: spend Glamour to improve dice pools for Presence, Manipulation and Persuasion (each point spent increases pool by one die)

Seeming Curse: -1 die penalty on dice pools to avoid losing Clarity

Kith Ability: extra die on Brawl rolls; spend one point of Glamour to re-take failed Brawl rolls once per scene

Kith Ability: extra die on Brawl rolls; spend one point of Glamour to re-take failed Brawl roll once per scene

Gear & Equipment: When not on “active duty” as King, Seraphinus is rarely found far from his computer.

Type Damage Size Special Dicepool
Brawling 0 (B) - - 8


Mantle: A chilly wind manifests itself in Seraphinus’ wake, and if he happens to pass by one or more candles the wicks appear to burst into flame, extinguishing once he has left the candle’s vicinity. The Autumn crown appears as short, bare branches twisted together by grapevines, with tiny, shriveled leaves here and there that occasionally drop to the ground.

Resources: Seraphinus runs small-scale a computer repair and custom hardware assembly business out of the house, providing him with a bit of expendable income.

New Identity: Seraphinus is legally known as Charles Lucian.


Motley Pledge (WalterLucianus, ZeroSonOfTheAtom)

Good Neighbors Pact (Harland)



Like his brother, Seraphinus is of average height and slender build, though he lacks his brother’s muscle tone. His eyes are also green and his hair dirty blonde, but Seraphinus wears his hair long, down to his shoulders. In fae mien, his skin becomes covered in pale golden scales, his eyes burn red, his canines elongate, and his ears are large, pointed, and spiny. His hair is black, and worn to accentuate the horns that protrude from his temples.


Chuck Blair (b. 1982) was one half of a set of identical twins. He had a pleasant childhood, and both he and his brother Walter were normal, somewhat spoiled, middle-class suburban kids.

Chuck and Walt finally parted ways at college. Chuck skated through his computer science classes at the University of Maryland with ease, while Walter struggled and finally flunked out of school and moved home with his parents.

Chuck’s Keeper found him through use of an ensorcelled mortal girl who had always been enamored of fairies, fantasy, and dreamed of doing something more with her life than being a faceless entity hiding behind her computer. The Keeper would send her mortal out to seduce young men who shared a similar outlook on life, and once these men fell in with the Keeper’s thrall she stepped in and whisked them away to Arcadia.

First, Chuck was the-fair-damsel‘s knight in shining armor. Once she got bored with her knight, she turned him into the dragon that terrorized her. Had Chuck’s brother Walt not been Taken by the same Fair Damsel months later, he would have certainly become one of the Wizened servants who toiled in the Damsel’s palace.

But Walt – the Damsel’s newest knight – came, and he recognized his brother, and the two escaped back into the mortal world.

Chuck (or Seraphinus, as he is known to his peers) and Walter Lucianus are still very close. When they arrived at Mocha Hill and found the Freehold without Summer or Autumn rulers, they threw themselves into their newfound Courts and became the King of Autumn and King of Summer, respectively. Though perhaps not as powerful as Eltiana or Drusy Chrysocolla, they have something that few other Lost truly have: each other.


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