Equine Companion to Granny Taters

Seeming: Kith: Court:
Virtue: Vice: Entitlements:
Intelligence •• Strength ••••• Presence
Wits Dexterity Manipulation
Resolve ••• Stamina ••••• Composure ••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Athletics (running) ••••• Brawling Dodge Wyrd •••
Brawl (kicking) ••••• Direction Sense Glamour / Per Turn: 12 / 3
Stealth Iron Stamina ••• Health: 15
Survival (foraging) ••••• Striking Looks •• Willpower: 5
Animal Ken (horses) ••••• Allies (motley) •••• Clarity: 6
Expression Contracts Initiative: 3
Intimidation (stare-downs) •• Smoke ••• Defense: 1
Stone •• Size: 10
Eternal Winter Speed: 18 (species factor 12)


Motley Pledge (Devil’s Nest)


Type Damage Size Special Dicepool
Bite 1 (L) - - 11
Hoof 3 (B) - Knockdown 14


Sorrel appears to be a beautiful Shire stallion, chestnut in color with blonde legs, fetlocks, mane and tail. He is a perfect model of the species, thus giving him the benefit of Striking Looks. Like other Shire horses, he is heavily built and very muscular. Granny keeps her companion’s hair curried, clean, and often braids flowers into it. (Sorrel doesn’t care much for the ornamentation, but bears with it.)


Sorrel sought out the Devil’s Nest motley and Granny Taters in particular; the Hedge Beast had lost his way out of the Hedge, ending up in the “real world” after following a curious-looking changeling out of a gateway. He made his way to the motley’s nearby farm and, after discussing it with the mundane horses belonging to the motley, decided to stay on for a number of reasons, the most obvious being protection. He bonded closely with Granny Taters, leader of the motley, and they often go riding in the woods together.


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