Master of the Forge

Seeming: Wizened Kith: Smith Court: Summer
Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Wrath Entitlements: None
Intelligence ••• Strength ••• Presence •••
Wits ••• Dexterity ••• Manipulation
Resolve •• Stamina •• Composure ••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Academics •• Mantle (Summer) • Wyrd ••
Drive Token (fate gear) •••• Glamour / Per Turn: 11 / 2
Firearms Resources Health: 7
Larceny (lockpick) •• Hollow (forge) •••• Willpower: 4
Survival Contracts Clarity: 7
Weaponry (hammer) •••• Artifice •••• Initiative: 5
Computer (hardware) ••• Eternal Summer Defense: 3
Crafts (mechanical) •••• Size: 5
Investigation Speed: 11

Seeming Blessing: spend 1 glamour for 9 again on Dex or add +2 to Dodge for one scene

Seeming Curse: no 10 again on Presence, -2 untrained Social rolls

Kith Ability: Steel Mastery – spend 1 glamour to improve object, 4 successes on extended Dex + Crafts, reroll every 30 mins

Merits (detailed):

Token: Spittlecrank stole three gears and a crankshaft during his Durance maintaining a geared contraption for his Keeper. The gears are roughly six inches in diameter and stored in a clear hard plastic case roughly the size of a game console. In game terms, the Gears are identical to “The Curious Paw” (4 dot Token) and require 1 turn to charge up.

Hollow: Spittlecrank’s Hollow is roughly the size of a studio apartment, with a cot in the corner and a fireplace in the other corner large enough to act as a miniature forge for crafting and repairing Hedge objects.

Resources: Spittlecrank works part-time repairing heaters, air conditioners, and whatever else need to be fixed. (He is also known to work “freelance” for nothing more than Glamour obtained via pledge and pizza.)

Type Damage Size Special Dicepool
Hammer 3 (B) 2 - 11


short (5’7" 170 lbs.) and red-haired with rough features. Typically wears an old leather jacket, old ratty t-shirts (mostly rock bands and computer geeky tees), and hiking boots. Always carries a backpack around. In Spittlecrank’s fae mien, his skin is dark red, with a somewhat misshapen and crooked nose and hair all over. Eyes are bright reddish-brown, and he has a full beard.


Birth name Brian Curtis, DOB 7/20/70, abducted 1989, returned 2006. (apparent age 25)

Grew up in Greenbelt / College park area as the youngest of three boys. Brian’s father was a NASA engineer, and as such developed a keen interest in astronomy and computers at a young age. Went to UMD as an engineering student in 1988-89, until early in his sophomore years when he was abducted by mysterious “transfer students” posing as computer nerds. Spent 7 years in Arcadia as slave of “Mad Duke” building a Fate Machine, whose purpose is unknown but involves manipulating mortals’ destinies in some form. Built weird-shaped gears, pulleys, switches, and other mechanical parts in a mystical forge. Spittlecrank eventually snuck out of his Keeper’s domain with a machine gear, which is his Token. Spittlecrank returned in 2006, and currently prepares himself for the return of his Keeper.


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