The Fair Damsel

The Fair Damsel, Sister of Unrequited Desire, a.k.a. The Gallant's Demise

Seeming: None [TRUE FAE] Kith: None [ACTOR] Court: Courtless
Virtue: Prudence Vice: Pride Entitlements: None
Intelligence •••• Strength •• Presence ••••• •
Wits •••• Dexterity ••••• Manipulation ••••• •
Resolve ••• Stamina •• Composure •••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Occult •••• Fast Reflexes •• Wyrd ••••• ••
Fae Titles ••
Politics ••••• Quick Healer •• Glamour / Per Turn: 20 / 7
Larceny •• Inspiring •••• Health: 7
Athletics •• Fleet of Foot ••• Willpower: 6
Empathy (motives) ••••• Striking Looks •••• Clarity: 0
Expression Fae Mount ••••• Initiative: 8
Intimidation (veiled threats) ••••• • Contracts Defense: 4
Persuasion (motivational speeches) ••••• • Dream ••••• Size: 5
Sociallize (dress balls) ••• Vainglory ••••• Speed: 12
Subterfuge (obfuscating truth) ••••• •• Separation •••••
Moon ••
Fair Entrance (Goblin) ••
Fool’s Gold (Goblin) ••


Unmasked, the Damsel appears to be a beautiful, perfectly formed young woman with long golden curls and sapphire-blue eyes. She favors sumptuous, overly-elaborate dresses that seem to have been plucked right out of a fairy tale, and is typically dripping with precious gems. Her Fae Pet, a Laughing One called Horatio, typically takes the form of a snow-white unicorn, and she’s often seen riding him around the vast grounds of her Arcadian palace.

While in the mortal world, the Damsel is still a young woman of great beauty, with those same gleaming curls and impossibly blue eyes. However, her hair turns steel-gray and the backs of her hands appear liver-spotted, like those of a woman decades older than the Damsel appears to be. She’ll typically disguise this by wearing gloves at all times and hiding her hair under a hat or scarf.


Everyone’s encountered the damsel in distress at some point in their life. Disney movies, fairy tales, romantic literature, cartoons and video games all pay homage to her. Perhaps this Keeper saw the Damsel in Distress and found the archetype to her liking. Perhaps the archetype has its roots with this Keeper. Whatever the case, the beautiful and graceful Fair Damsel only pretends to be distressed; she’s secretly a conniving, fickle predator, preying on the loyalty and love of the mortal men who will become her changelings.

Every man she steals from the mortal world has a few things in common. He has a romantic soul bound up in dreams of the fantastic, of Arthurian legend and a longing to be something other than “normal”. He is handsome, or he has the potential to be handsome with some exercise, a new wardrobe, and a little bit of cajoling. And perhaps most importantly he is both trusting and oblivious to her manipulations.

The Damsel used to hunt for herself, but lately she’s been utilizing her ensorcelled thrall, JenniferJones, for those ends. Jennifer hunts and snares the target; the Damsel spirits him away to Arcadia.

First, he is her beloved. He is the knight in shining armor who will save her from the vile beast that plagues her fairytale castle and wishes to eat her. The Damsel plays at loving her knight, treating him well and stroking his ego. When she tires of him (usually sooner rather than later) the Damsel decrees that he is ready to go and fight the dragon. The knight invariably slays the great golden beast who lives within the mountain at the edge of the Damsel’s lands. Then, as the “dead” beast (who has now shrunken into a pale and wizened visage of what he once was) watches, the knight in shining armor becomes the very thing he was made to hate: a dragon clothed in gleaming scales.

The vast majority of the Damsel’s changelings are Wizened; they compose the serving staff of her palace and she treats them wickedly. None have escaped before they became Wizened, with the exception of two Fairest: Draconic Seraphinus and knightly WalterLucianus.

Though her former changelings don’t know it, their escape sent the Damsel into a tizzy. No one had ever dared spare the dragon that tormented her. No knight should ever betray his lady in such a fashion.

Though Jennifer doesn’t know it, her final year and a day as a human is nearly up.

* UPDATE: as of the 6/22 game session, Jennifer was rescued from the Hedge by the HogsHeadQuartet. See FyedraIceheart for her new stats. *

The Fair Damsel

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