Zero, Son of the Atom

Defender of Truth, Justice, and the Changeling Way

Seeming: Elemental Kith: Blightbent Court: Summer
Virtue: Charity Vice: Pride Entitlements: None
Intelligence •• Strength •••• Presence ••••
Wits ••• Dexterity ••••• Manipulation ••
Resolve ••••• • Stamina •••• Composure ••
Skills Merits / Flaws Core Stats
Computer Quickdraw Wyrd ••••• •
Investigation •• Allies (motley) ••••• Glamour / Per Turn: 15 / 6
Athletics (acrobatics) •••• Mantle (Summer) •••• Health: 9
Brawl (boxing) ••• Court Goodwill: Autumn ••• Willpower: 8
Firearms (pistols) ••• Token (various Trifles) •• Clarity: 4
Stealth •• Hedge Beast Companion (Harland) •• Initiative: 7
Weaponry •• Faerie Favor ••• Defense: 3
Animal Ken Contracts Size: 5
Expression (colorful speech) ••• Elements (metal) ••••• Speed: 14
Persuasion (can-do attitude) •• Fleeting Summer •••
Sociallize (carousing) ••• Eternal Summer •••••
Subterfuge Communion (metal) •••

Derangements: Narcissism (mild), Vocalization (mild)

Flaw: Forgetful

Seeming Blessing: Once per day, spend one point of Glamour to add Wyrd rating to Health dots for one scene.

Seeming Curse: No 10-again on any dice pools involving Manipulation, Empathy, Expression, Persuasion, or Socialize.

Kith Ability: Caustic Caress – each success does 1 Lethal per success on Dexterity + Wyrd – target’s Stamina (Defense and Armor may apply), +3 to manmade toxins and poisons

Gear & Equipment: Zero typically wears a utility belt full of objects like pepper spray, a flashlight, Trifles, and other, less useful things he thinks make him look more “heroic”.

Type Damage Size Special Dicepool
Brawling 0 (B) - Caustic Caress 9
Type Damage Range Shots Special Dicepool
Pistol 2 (L) 20/40/80 17+1 - 11

Hedge Beast Companion – Harland, a Capuchin monkey, is usually found perched on Zero’s shoulder. For his part, Harland is relatively useful, though skittish, cowardly, and entirely too talkative. However, his poor social skills are a fine match for Zero’s, and they are inseparable.


Must drop what he’s doing and react to a cry for help (minor taboo).


Motley Pledge (Walter Lucianus, Seraphinus)

Good Neighbors Pact (Harland)



His Mask is that of a man in his late forties, with a gawky build, red hair, green eyes, and a pug nose. His face looks quite young despite his age. There’s a big gap between his front teeth, which might have looked precious on a ten-year-old but now looks pretty goofy. He stands well over six feet tall.

His true seeming looks very much the same, though his skin is dark and somewhat translucent, like a shadow. Zero’s eyes take on the appearance of being afflicted with atomic cataracts (his sight is unaffected). Zero’s skin and eyes glow faintly blue, as though he’s been irradiated with radioactive material. Adding to this is his Mantle, which adds a second layer of white-hot glow to his skin as well as a constant hum like that of an electrical current.

He’s often mistaken for a Darkling; Zero is highly offended by this and considers it “racist.”


Tommy Wallace (b. 1938) was spirited away into Arcadia by a True Fae that had fashioned its appearance and persona on the two things that enamored the little boy most: superheroes and the omnipresent Cold War paranoia surrounding nuclear energy. Unlike most Keepers, “The Atom” (as the Fae called himself) never beat his changeling, never tortured him, and never acted like anything other than a rather egotistical and immature father figure. He ruled an area of Arcadia called Trinity City, a post-apocalyptic industrial playground full of mutants, zombies, and aliens and covered in an omnipresent glowing blue dust. Tommy (or as The Atom called him, Zero, hence his “title”) breathed, ate, and slept in Trinity City’s fallout, turning into a little mirror-image of his Keeper.

One of the rare few Changelings who made it home without stories of violent brutality, Zero was indeed harmed by his Keeper. The Atom – for reasons indiscernible to Tommy – took him home one day and dropped him off at the door to the bedroom from which Tommy had been stolen forty years ago. No explanation, just a confusing speech about power, responsibility, and respect. That was the last Tommy saw of his Keeper. A few changelings in the Freehold (especially those in the Spring and Winter courts) consider him a loyalist.

Confused and angry, Tommy walked into the house, brutally slaughtered his Fetch, and hid the remains in a cardboard box in the basement. He slid back into the life “Tommy Wallace” had been living in his stead, though not without issues. Zero integrated into the Summer Court and became a Gilded Aspirant, but this soon wore thin and he renounced his fealty, suffering yet another blow to his Clarity.

During one of his many Glamour-foraging trips into the Hedge, Zero found Walter and Chuck fighting their way out of the thorns and helped them integrate into Changeling society. He considers himself their mentor, but really, the two young Kings are far more mature than Zero can ever hope to be. Still, he loves the boys, and he’ll fight to the death to protect them and all their subjects in the Freehold. (That’s what heroes do, after all.)

Zero, Son of the Atom

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