Fair Damsels and Foul Treachery

This little goblin went to market...
and makes mysterious offers to the Hogs Head Quartet

Scene 4. Back at Mack’s

The characters return from the Hedge back to Mack’s Tavern, and decide to wait around and lay low until next week after a brief phone chat with Lucianus in which he said little aside from telling the crew to stay away from the MargravateOfTheBrim. During this downtime period: Leigh gathers goblin fruit, Phineas practices his gunmanship skills, Mack tends to the bar, and Dico gets in touch with ChandaniShah (her mentor) and her partner GiovannaDaSilva (“Sundown”) and fills them in on all the recent details. Chandani and Sundown are generally supportive, but are nevertheless a bit taken aback at the “trouble” that Dico has gotten herself in. However, the two FatBottomedGirls agree to accompany Dico to the Goblin Market.

Scene 5. Meeting with Grumpleschnacky

When next Saturday (June 5, 2010 in-game) arrives, the party of eight (four PC’s plus Cheese, Mr. Fifi, Chandani, and Sundown) arrives at Purse State Park to re-visit the Goblin Market. The other characters get a chance to meet Sundown and Chandani, who soon afterwards go to Elsa’s Fine Linens with Dico in search of fashion-forward Hedgespun raiments. Tom looks into purchasing a new gun, and instead finds that a mounted goblin head who only wants to part with his old-fashioned guns (including a Civil War musket and an original Colt .45) in exchange for a truly prophetic plastic 8-ball, or for magic bullets. Tom has neither item to trade, and exits the gun shop.

Leigh peruses the goblin fruit market, and buys a pomegranate fruit. Mack looks for odd trinkets, and instead is approached by an old knock-kneed hob named Grumpleschnacky, who incidentally opens up conversation with information about the Fair Damsel. Grumpleschnacky lets Mack know that the dragon gem is being guarded by a dragon back inside the Grand Mural (see previous chronicle notes), and hands Mack several maps to help navigate to the Mural. Furthermore, the old hob offers to give Mack a valuable treasure to help slay the dragon in exchange for Adilene’s diary. (which is consistent with Fyedra’s story of a hob wanting a diary). Tom asks a few other questions, which are met with evasive answers on how Grumpleschnacky needs to watch out for the Damsel and his oaths of secrecy.

Scene 6. Retrieving the Diary of Adilene

After the conversation with Grumpleschnacky, what else can the PC’s do but get their hands on the diary? After finding out Eltiana’s whereabouts (she has an antique home on the outskirts of Baltimore), the characters plan on doing a little breaking & entering to retrieve the diary. Tom scouts the place out and finds a back window that can be propped up. Cheese jumps through the window and finds a safe with protective runes, and procceeds to crack the code by the time Tom and the rest of the gang arrive on the scene. The runes lead to an illusory secret passageway to the Marionette Room, wherein the PC’s find two pinkish-colored books that, after a few glances, seem to contain the daily musings of a high-school girl who knows that she is “different” without knowing exactly why, but copes with this fact anyways. However, police start to arrive on the scene at the time Dico finds the books, leading the changelings and their Hedge companions to escape via the Hedge, which leads them to…

Scene 7. Hedge Landshark!

…a clearing in the forest with a Stonehenge arch. Cheese leads the party through the forest, then through plains, to a sea of shifting sandy rock that becomes eerily more shifting as they advance toward the distant hills. Eventually, two bright purple shark-hobgoblins appear from the sand, “swimming” aggressively towards the changelings. When the sharks appear to be clearly hostile, the changelings retaliate with Contracts: Leigh armors herself in bramble thorns, Tom reduces their resistance to fear, Mack readies a vat of napalm, and Dico performs a Glamour-infused song and dance routine intended to scare away the sharks — and performs the song and dance at such a virtuoso level that it works! (despite them being sharks and all). Leigh shoots one shark and causes it to flee. Mack wards the party off with a circle of flaming napalm, but the other shark charges after Dico quits the song and dance, and eventually snatches Mack in its powerful jaws. Mack is nearly skilled from all the chomping, but the shark eventually dies thanks to Leigh’s thorns and a lucky knife throw from Tom that hits the shark in the eye. Leigh heals Mack from near-death, and the PC’s thank their lucky stars that none of them died in the landshark fight. (The session ends after the fight, with the PC’s still in the Hedge.)

Kickoff Session
Starting quest from Lucianus


Background: Seraphinus was tried and convicted of offering freehold secrets to JohnnyLookInTheAir, who had a somewhat amicable relationship with Seraphinus back when he was a Mocha Hill changeling. According to Seraphinus, the meeting was arranged to exchange information necessary to defeat TheFairDamsel, but Winter Queen Eltiana and her tribunal (Eltiana, Elbin, DrusyChrysocolla) ignored all of Seraphinus’s pleas and found him guilty of consorting with the enemy, to be Hedge-banished until WalterLucianus comes up with something quick. WalterLucianus vows to get to the bottom of all this mess, but he alone can’t sway MochaHill’s other Courts to his advantage, and needs very strong evidence of wrongdoing outside of MochaHill. In addition, Lucianus was forced to install Summer Court knights who want to see both Blair brothers ousted.

How will WalterLucianus get out of this mess? After exhausing most of his options, Lucianus’s only remaining option seems to be to find help from within Mocha Hill, in the form of a little-known band of changelings working outside the collective eye of Mocha Hill’s power players who oppose Lucianus. Enter the player characters…

Scene 1. Lucianus’s Proposition (Mack’s Tavern)

The player characters respond to a Help Wanted ad on the Mack’s Tavern community message board that only the characters can see: Lucianus wants a few good changelings to help save his wrongly accused brother.

The characters (Mack, Dico, LeighBlarfingard, and PhineasFletcher) meet for the first time at Mack’s Tavern on the day of the help-wanted meeting (May 23, 2010 in-game as well as in real life), and eventually Lucianus’s ensorcelled friend Brian (who also works for the Maryland Independent) escorts the characters up to a warded “VIP room” for changelings only, to discuss private matters with Lucianus.

Lucianus gives the characters the basic rundown on the circumstances leading to Seraphinus‘s arrest, and tells them about the dragonstone crystals that can control Seraphinus. If the PC’s agree to a boon quest Pledge, then Fyedra agrees to give the characters more information about the crystals and Goblin Markets.

Fyedra is hesitant to help the PC’s out at first, then reluctantly agrees to assist Lucianus and be cooperative in giving the questors some more detailed information on the crystals such as:

  • One of the gems held by TheFairDamsel dragon’s horde is rumored to be held by a hob known only as the Silent Witch, but she can only be found in the Hedge in a hut along the Twilight Road. Fyedra also warns the characters of “toad hobs” along the way int he marshes.
  • Most important: A rogue hob named Grumpleschnacky has a vendetta against the Fair Damsel, and can be found at remotely located Goblin Markets. Grumpleschnacky spooked Fyedra by giving her the hard-sell on seeking an old diary — which Fyedra refused because the asking price was too steep. (she won’t tell the exact deal to the PC’s) In addition, he knows far more about Fyedra and the twins than she was comfortable with, and also of the inner workings of TheFairDamsel’s Arcadian lair.

WalterLucianus explains to the characters that his hands are more than full as Lord of Summer, and that he wants hidden operatives to do some muck-raking work while his other allies protect Lucianus’s front-side, so to speak. The characters then take their leave to go questing.

Scene 2. Back to the Goblin Market

Mack guides the characters to the Purse State Park goblin market, and speaks the secret code words (“Hi, Henry!”) to gain access to the market. Today’s market was rather weak, with just the standard goblin fruit peddlers, a couple general stores carrying little of import, and Elsa’s Fine Clothing. Dico talks to Elsa the clothier for a while, before leaving due to lack of “funds” (i.e. strange goblin treasures) to pay for a Hedgespun hat. Tom has no luck finding anything from a gaggle of hobs. The only character who has any luck is Cheese, who finds out that a mysterious mapmaker and an artifact dealer will attend next week’s Market. After finding out nothing about Grumpleschnacky, the PC’s leave market to sleep in Leigh’s mushroom grove.

Scene 3. The Silent Witch

During the next day, the PC’s arrive at Mocha Hill and Kendrick greets then with a turkey sandwich (or in Leigh’s case, the “special veggie combo” made with Hedge hummus) and a warm cup of Mocha Hill joe. After their meal, the characters head along the Muck River downstream in search of the marsh, then go right at the fork which leads to a boggy marsh with a giant fallen tree. The player character spot a Hob Toad and try to sneak past the toad to go through the wooden log, but Mach fails to sneak past the toad and get a strong whiff of some Hob Toad sleep gas. The toad gas puts Cheese to sleep instantaneously, and Mack is in a drugged state from the gas, but everyone else escapes unscathed. The tree-passageway opens into a hilly mountainside, and from the mountainside the PC’s travel to the hobgoblin station. Tom, Leigh, and Dico all roll exceptional successes when evading the hobs, and escape to the cliff that Leigh and Dico scale after twenty minutes.

Eventually, this journey leads to Dico and Leigh talking to the Silent Witch, or at least trying to until the Witch notices a strange key and begins talking — or rather, bartering — over keys and crystals. Dico eventually finds out that the Witch had a dragon-stone but a pair of changelings stole the gem not to long ago — and one of these changelings had scissors for hands! The Witch provides no further assistance, as she recoils from her mirror reflection and asks Dico and Leigh to leave. Mack identifies the scissor-hand changeling as Scissorman, a dangerous Margrave with whom he clashed with back in 2007.

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