Fair Damsels and Foul Treachery

The Final Confrontation Begins

One month pases by, where the PCs’ prepare for their final showdown by obtaining military-grade equipment such as flak jackets and improved guns. Tom undergoes more firearms training, Leigh practices her fencing skills, and

Scene 30. The Dark and Foreboding Castle

The Hogs Head party and Walter Lucianus travel to the mural in the Hedge without any problems, and notice the the Mural contains an unfamiliar picture: a kingdom shrouded in rainy, gloomy darkness, and full of swampy wildlife. They enter the darkened kingdom near the castle, where Tom and Cheese investigate the castle only to find several dead knights in the top of the castle watchtower, and hear the sounds of hostile-seeming grunting ogres. The bodies are pale and slightly decomposed, with a single puncture mark in the back of the head. Tom and Cheese eventually head back to meet the rest of the group, and they assign watches for the night. During the first watch, Jeeves meets up with Dane Fort, a Summer Court knight of Mocha Hill who tells Jeeves to come into the castle. The drawbridge is lowered, and as it turns out the castle is not hostile at all: Dane and Missy Tonnere are holding the fort down, along with several hideous-looking ogres that once were Adilene’s real-life posse but now have been reduced to gibbering grunts. Missy explains the root of this darkness: Adilene broke some sort of Pledge that caused light to become dark, and dark to become light. Afterwards, the Hogs Heads along with their three Summer Court allies ride off towards the Light Kingdom.

Scene 31. A Duel in the White Rose Kingdom

The Dead Margrave Aftermath
and preparation for the final showdown


With the threat of the Margraves under control and their ties to the Fair Damsel’s schemes reavealed, the player character can now proceed to unravel the Damsel’s pledge and free Lucianus and Seraphinus from their Keeper’s influence once and for all. However, there are many more secrets to be uncovered: Eltiana is still missing and scheming, Adilene’s true role in the Damsel’s plot is still unknown, and why the Damsel has special interest in Mocha Hill (aside from having two lords as her former subjects) is still a little fuzzy. All these things will be revealed in time — but only if the PC’s play their cards right.

Scene 28. Recovery

During the week after Henderson’s death, Tom and Jeeves spend a week in recovery at Southern Maryland Hospital to recover from their near-mortal wounds. Leigh gets a congratulatory call from Lucianus, who informs her that Mocha Hill made a peace offering with the Margravate and in the process persuaded a couple former Margraves to defect and rejoin Mocha Hill. Lucianus also informs the Hogs Head party that Adriannen wants to speak to them about the Margravate, and more importantly about Mocha Hill’s future.

Scene 29. Adriannen’s Revelation

Eventually, the Hogs Head party meets up with Lucianus and Adriannen. The Hogs Heads give Adriannen all the details of what happened in the Hedge. Afterwards, Adriannen reveals some vital information:

  • The Margravate have an Ancient Pact that allows them to live freely in the Brim. However, the Damsel made a pledge with them that if the Margravate hand over all four Lords of Mocha Hill, then she can change the AAnciant Pact so that they gain control of Mocha Hill as well — only possible if Mocha Hill doesn’t have its true lords. This pledge undermines the ancient seasonal pledge (good for the Damsel and other True Fae), creates discord in the Mocha Hill freehold, and allows a third party to hand her Lucianus and Seraphinus.
  • However, Lucianus knew of all this, but was powerless so long as he had no explanation for his brother’s “alliance” with Johnny Look-in-the-air. However, he consulted with Adriannen and his solution was to invoke a little-known pledge named the Heroes’ Call, wherein a Lord of Mocha Hill pledges to offer his total assistance and a bit of his power to a band of strangers who “answer the call.” The band of strangers, of course, are the Hogs Heads and their companions (Leigh Blarfingard, Dico, and Phineas “Tom” Fletcher).
When Margraves Attack!!
(and lose)

Scene 26. Downtime

(not much happens)

Scene 27. Margrave Attack on the Hogs Head Tavern!

  • Two ogres enter the Hogs Head Tavern and start getting belligerent and roughing up the patrons. They start getting violent, and the PC’s act in defense of the tavern.
  • The fight gets serious: A truck comes crashing into the Tavern, with Scissorman driving the truck and Henderson in the passenger seat. They get out of the truck and brandish their weapons, and Scissorman calls upon the Rage of Revenge.
  • A nasty 10-round fight follows, with Scissorman and both ogres getting mortally wounded. Jeeves and Mack both become nearly mortally wounded, saved only by Leigh’s healing touch. Tom takes a couple nasty shots from the sniper, eventually becoming mortally wounded (not dead, but near-death) and unconscious from blood loss to the head.
  • When only Henderson remains, he runs upstairs and tries to crash out of the window by using his Stone contracts. However, his abilities fail to activate, and Henderson eventually is rendered unconscious by his attempt to break the window (and from some fail-tastic rolling from the Storyteller). Jeeves eventually slits Henderson’s throat, leaving him dead in the cold streets of Waldorf.

(Final death count: 2 — Henderson dies on the scene, and Scissorman dies before making it to the hospital.)

The Damsel's Mansion of Splendors, Pt. 2
Where DIco makes a deal with the Damsel herself

Scene 24. Dico’s Performance.

Dico eventually puts on a virtuoso performance for Adilene, who is completely drunk from Arcadian liquor but nevertheless loves the performance, in no small part thans to the powerful persuasive enchantments weaved by Dico throughout hte perofrmance. However, Dico plays the role of a True Fae within the play, and this makes the Damsel jealous: someone else is coming in to her kingdom and acting superior to her! The Damsel cannot stand for this, and appears in all her Fae glory to make an ultimatum: Either Dico serves her, or her allies all die. Dico eventually agrees to server the Damsel temporarily and do her bidding in the form of a quest: bring all of her escaped dragons back to the Palace of Magnificent Splendors within a year and a day. Dico agrees, and in return the Damsel grants Dico’s allies leave of her palace.

Scene 25. Back in the Real World

(the PC’s find out everything that has changed)

The Damsel's Mansion of Splendors, Pt. 1
The party divides in two, with no end in sight

Scene 21. Tricked by a Unicorn. Again.

  • Leigh, Mack, and Cheese sleep in the forest, and the next day are greeted by a unicorn in need of help.
  • Unicorn asks Mack for help, and he travels into a hedge gate in an effort to help the unicorn (Shelby). However, he is not as he seems, and Mack finds himself in the Damsel’s mansion in Arcadia.

Scene 22. The Rat Man

  • Dico, Mr. Fifi, and Fyedra are escoted to their guest quarters, which at first seems more like a prison cell than a guest bedroom. Tom skulks around looking for a way to break Dico out, and eventually finds a (normal-sized) friendly rat that leads him toward a note in the cellar. The note is written by Roscoe, who informs Tom that he knows secrets.

Scene 23. The Damsel’s Palace

  • The palace is an Alice in Wonderland-style bizarre funhouse, constructed using the bizarre geometry of the True Fae. They wander through bizarrely-shaped hallways, rooms filled with dozens of Hedgespun gowns, and old decrepit ex-knights who only want to be left alone to die in peace.
  • Eventually, the PC’s wander upon the palace armory, but unfortulately meet about a half-fozen guards as well. The guards fight Leigh, Mack, and Cheese — doing significant harm to all three but killing none of them before eventually fleeing to warn the other knights. A couple knights fall into a hallucinatory trace thanks to Otis’s venom.
Back in the Hedge
and shit starts to get real now!

Scene 18. Another Hellgate at the Hogs Head Tavern, What Else Is New?

After an interesting but mostly fruitless trip to the Goblin Market, the characters return to the Hogs Head Tavern to take care of business. However, this brief period of normalcy doesn’t last long: after about half an hour of tending to the tavern, strange cries can be heard upstairs from an unknown source. Dico and Leigh go upstairs to investigate the strange noises, and eventually find that the mirror has become a Hedge portal with occasional cries for help from a young woman beyond the Hedge.

Dico and Leigh are unsure about what to do about this strange otherworldly influence, so they call Eltiana, and she sends FyedraIceheart over to assist the Hogs Head motley. Fyedra is of little help when she finally does arrive: instead of helping the Hogs Heads piece together clues, she attracts the attention of hostile knights who see her as a threatening dragon and rush towards the Hedge gate. Mack takes matters into his own hands and tries to shatter the Hedge portal with his trusty mallet. Instead, Mack gets sucked into the Hedge, and everyone else follows after him. The fun has just begun.

Scene 19. Hedge Knights, of the Fanatical Kind

The full Hogs Head adventuring party plus Fyedra (who enters reluctantly after being pushed in by Mr. Fifi) find themselves in the Hedge, in a vast plain with armor-clad knights charging at full speed with knightly lances. The two parties meet in combat: as the knights charge full speed ahead, Leigh readies his crossbow, Dico draws her cold iron dagger, and Tom brandishes his Uzi (yes you read that right). Tom proves to be quite the sharpshooter, incapacitating one knight before they close the distance, and seriously wounding another immediately after the knight attacks with his pointy lance (and seriously wounding Tom in the process). Dico pulls off an especially acrobatic stunt: jumping on top of a knight’s horse, with her dagger at the knight’s neck. The third knight attacks Fyedra, who envelops herself in an icy chill aura that reduces the knight’s combat effectiveness, but she provides little other assistance.

Eventually the Hogs Heads dispatch all four knights, who fight fanatically to the death while issues war-cries “in the name of the Lady of the Realm”. Uh-oh, sounds like the Damsel has bonded these knights into fanatical servitude, which the PC’s find out is exactly what happens when they find a scroll containing an oath of fealty to a mysterious Fair Damsel. After dispatching the knights and healing Tom and Fyedra’s near-critical wounds, they head off towards another giant mural in the Hedge surrounded by statues of knights.

Scene 20. The Queen’s Kingdom

The Hogs Heads arrive at the mural, which like the previous mural (encountered during the previous adventure

  • Fyedra recognizes the mural and heard it speaking to her. She feels compelled to enter. Dico and Tom also want to enter the mural to do some reconnaissance (being the stealthy ones).
  • The others hand back and sleep in the forest, so that Leigh can better protect them.
  • Inside the mural kingdom: Tom, Dico, and Fyedra head toward the castle, and manage to sneak in unnoticed until reaching the gate. Dico and Fyedra pose and emissaries wishing to see the queen (after Tom finds out there is a queen), and Tom sneaks in behind them. Eventually, the three of them have an audience with the queen — who is none other than Eltiana’s daughter Adilene!! Dico performs a circus act, which fails to impress Adilene, but she keeps them around for three days anyways.
Random Crap
that happens between quests


Lucianus and Seraphinus have been reinstated as Lords of Mocha Hill, and order seems to be restored. However, all is not as it seems, and trouble is bubbling from under the surface as the Damsel continues her scheming, and Adilene has gone mysteriously missing. More looming questions remain — who is Grumpleschnacky and how did he get involved? Does Seraphinus have any dark secrets that he’s hiding, perhaps making his imprisonment justified? The second act of this chronicle is where every question just leads to more questions…

Scene 16. Downtime

  • The characters go their own ways and replenish Glamour for the upcoming conflict: Jeeves plays violin at a funeral, Tom tries to stir up anger at political rallies, Jeeves and Tom both work together at churches to raise money for child victims (with little success), Leigh harvests fruit in the Hedge, and Dico recharges Glamour via Pandora’s Basement (and goes through a mini-initiation rite to become a member of the Spring Court). Dico ends up putting on a virtuoso performance at Pandora’s Basement in an avant-garde circus act, which earns her even more Glamour.
  • The characters meet up with Seraphinus, who simply wants to know more of what’s going on, and tells the PC’s that Johnny and the Margraves are also victims in this whole Damsel mess and may provide a key to taking the Damsel down. According to Seraphinus, the gem-gathering by the Margraves was a quest from the Damsel that in some way fulfills her dark bidding.

Scene 17. Back to the Goblin Market

  • PC’s meet with Grumpleschnacky at the Goblin Market, ask a few questions about the diary (which they don’t have), and get vaguely threatening responses.
Icy Negotiations
with the Queen of Winter

Scene 13. Wintry Dreams and Tough Bargains

The players arrive back at the Hogs Head Tavern intending to relax and lay low after an action-packed day fighting off Margraves. However, when the characters go to sleep for the night, they find themselves trapped in a dreamscape foyer of a magnificent mansion, opening up into an empty meeting hall. The meeting hall then proceeds into a throne room, with Eltiana sitting regally in a lavish white dress, and she is not happy about the recent burglary. Eltiana threatens to get the mortal authorities involved in the breaking-and-entry of her home, and warns that she has informants “on the inside” that will notify the police that the Hogs Head Tavern is connected to the incident, and that the car left behind during the burglary can be traced to Mack and the Hogs Head Tavern. After making her threats, Eltiana snaps her fingers when the PC’s start asking tough questions, clearly indicating that she will not listen to the other side of the story.

Scene 14. Hogs Head Meeting with Lucianus

  • Lucianus meets at the Hogs Head to inform the characters that Eltiana is receptive to a deal involving freeing Seraphinus, thanks to the evidence he presented to her. In three days there will be a summons to Mocha Hill so that all parties can resolve this conflict. (or so it seems)

Scene 15. The Negotiation

  • PC’s go to Mocha Hill at Lucianus’s request
  • The negotiations proceed: Eltiana agrees to free Seraphinus in exchange for the diary and a promise from Lucianus to accept two Winter Court-friendly knights, and an Oath of Silence from the Hogs Head Quartet and friends (they cannot mention the Diary. Ever.)
  • Eltiana warns the player characters that Grumpleschnacky is taking advantage of them and may be a double agent.
Showdown with the Margravate
things start to get really heated now

Scene 11. Fax from Lucianus

Lucianus sends out the following fax immediately after the PC’s leave Mocha Hill:

Lucianus clearly acknowledges that tensions have risen considerably, and that the PC’s must succeed where Roscoe and Sarlandra failed: infiltrating the Margraves and finding the hidden dragon-gem cache. Our brave heroes prepare to infiltrate the Brim with no questions asked….which is undoubtedly either extremely brave or extremely foolish. Maybe both.

Scene 12. Margrave Showdown!!

The characters travel to the Brim in Nanjemoy to conduct a stealth mission: infiltrate the Brim and retrieve a cache of hidden items used to control Seraphinus. Problem is, the Brim is guarded by a dozen or so militaristic Margraves with an axe to grind against all Mocha Hill changelings. Nevertheless, our brave heroes arrive at the farmhouse surroundings (thanks to Lucianus’s map sent via fax on page 2).

Mack drives up to the entrance of the dirt road, and leaves Tom, Cheese, and Jeeves to conduct the stealth operation. The burglar trio makes it to within a hundred or so feet away from the house before getting spotted with a giant searchlight by the Margraves who happened to be patrolling, and the fun beings: Cheese climbs up a tree and creates a diversion to attract attention (which succeeds), while Tom and Jeeves continue to creep towards the house with help from Tom’s shadowy Contracts. Cheese gets shot at, and pursued by a canine shapeshifter (BlueDog) from whom Cheese barely escapes thanks to a misdirection Contract.

Meanwhile, Tom and Jeeves break into a cellar thanks to Tom’s lockpicking skill, and find the dragon-control gems in the basement crawl space past the cellar. Problem is, the Margraves are wise to Cheese’s distraction and trap Tom and Jeeves in the crawl space. Eventually, Henderson the Margrave leader himself decides to attack the burglars at any cost, even if he has to break through his own cinderblock wall with an Ogre contract. Jeeves tries to escape by breaking the ceiling above — a plan which is just crazy enough to succeed, but it takes Jeeves three rounds to break the wood paneling above him, and in the meantime Tom takes near-lethal wounds from Tom’s axe. Eventually, Jeeves rescues Tom and escapes out the first-floor back window…

…where Mack picks up the Tom and Jeeves in the getaway car, after getting past BlueDog, rescuing Leigh from a tree, and getting a tire punctured and a couple windows broken from gunfire. Needless to say, Mack’s car is in bad shape, but the characters manage to escape with their lives intact, and the dragon-gems and gauntlet (used to control Lucianus) safe with Tom the near-critically wounded thief. Leigh heals Tom, and Mack changes the tire at a gas station with decent lighting. Eventually, the changelings make it back to the Hogs Head Tavern, and the game session ends here.

A mysterious diary
with traces of Glamour and secrets hidden within

Scene 8. Getting out of the Hedge

The session starts with Leigh healing Mack before continuing on their merry way towards the distant hills. Fifteen minutes later, the player characters arrive at a small hill only to find a sinkhole at the top of the hill, like a volcano but without the lava. Dico heads down the sinkhole to find a small cavern chamber. Shortly after landing in the chamber, the hole starts to close up! Fortunately for Dico, she manages to escape the sinkhole just in time for the PC’s to leave the scene. The hill collapses into a ten-foot-tall mount, wherein strange white smoke can be seen from the distance after the PC’s flee the scene.

The characters return to the forest, where they find a strange silver-maned unicorn that offers to help them escape. The PC’s trust the unicorn, and follow it to the silver tree, which in turn leads to an exit from the Hedge…

Scene 9. Lucianus and the Librarian

…to an unknown farm in Nanjemoy where Leigh calls up Lucianus to pick them up. Tom went through the Hedge gate but does not appear with them. Lucianus is worried about running into the Margraves, but tells the PC’s to meet him on the main road. The PC’s walk to the main road and encounter a strange dog that follows them around, but Mr. Fifi scares the dog away and Lucianus manages to find the wandering changelings.

Eventually Lucianus finds out about the diary, and is not happy that the PC’s were so hasty to draw Eltiana’s ire. Lucianus says that he knows someone that can help them with the diary: a changeling librarian named Jeeves that knows a lot about ancient faerie lore. Jeeves starts reading the diary intently in an attempt to divine the diary’s true nature, and finds out a few things:

  • The diary reads like it was written by a high school girl at first, but the writing is inconsistent, as if multiple writers wrote the diary.
  • Facts about Adilene and her interests seem to change suddenly, and be highly inconsistent with one another.
  • The ink is Glamour-infused and thus clearly the work of a changeling

Eventually Lucianus leaves the PC’s to prepare for the Pennons festival, and Obby gets the car back from Baltimore, where incidentally it was in tow for over a week. (The PC’s returned from the hedge seventeen days after entering, on June 22 2010.) The players split up to their respective “homes”: Dico to Pandora’s Basement, Mack and Obby to their tavern, and Leigh to her glade.

Secondly, they find out more about Adilene: The story of Eltiana’s daughter is that she was adopted. Taken from her Fetch (dopplegagner of the person who’s taken by a changeling) and adopted by Eltiana. She doesn’t take her to court of answer questions about her. It was understood that she wanted to keep her a secret for her daughter to have a normal life. She has changed schools at least once. Lastly, Jeeves knows that changelings and Fetches are ALMOST always sterile, and in rare cases can have children.

Scene 10. Summer Court Shakeup!

The characters agree to meet up in 10 days at the half moon, to give the book back to Grumpleshnacky, but the Pennons festival happens before then, and Lucianus is not bestowed the Crown of Summer. Lucianus is challenged by an ogre named Sid who says that Lucianus is in line with his brother Seraphinus and thus the crown does not get handed over to the Summer Court.

Elben and goons arrive on the next day at the Hog’s Head and leave a summon note to go to Mocha Hill. Mack, Cheese and Obby arrive at Mocha Hill, with Jeeves and Dico arrive separately. (Leigh experiences weird hallucinations after eating tainted goblin fruit, and is not present.) Elben wants to ask us questions and Cheese promptly rebuffs his questions (giving the Summer Court knight a whole heaping dose of attitude in the process). Kendrick the bartender comes down and tries to talk to us and get a sense of what’s going on. Cheese says Elben is trying to cause some shit.

Kendrick says Lucianus is not captive but he’s at Mocha Hill. He and Elben and others from the Summer Court are in a discussion about their court. Kendrick gave them 3 days after Pennons to resolve it. Mack and Cheese go back to the bar and Jeeves comes back too. Dico goes to Pandora’s Box with the Fat Bottom Girls, with the diary in hand. Leigh is heading to the Hog’s Head, and Obby is going to sneak into the Summer Court deliberation and try to find out more info.


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