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Welcome to my new wiki on Obsidian Portal!

I’ve moved all my stuff from Instiki, which fortunately has proved to be a painless transition. However, this new site has a lot more going on, and I’d suggest browsing around to jog your memory on the freehold of Mocha Hill and its environs (including the 30+ NPCs we have statted out and another 20-30 with bios but no actual character stats.) This setting has been slowly fleshed out since December 2007, and is still going strong. Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated — just click on he “Send a Message” link and send your suggestions there.

The story of “Fair Damsels and Foul Trackery” revolves around the freehold of Southern Maryland where the Lost In Maryland dwell, and the Mocha Hill hollow is the unofficial epicenter of the freehold. It’s home to many changelings: some being potential Allies, others potential Antagonists, but most are just members of motleys who look out for themselves and each other. The freehold is ruled by a seasonal court, but the anti-Court Margravate of the Brim have a sizable presence here as well. Life among the Lost of Southern Maryland is many things, but never boring.

The Southern Maryland region is known for its Goblin Markets: an altogether bizarre sort of bazaar where anything and everything is up for sale. Changelings from all over some here in search of trinkets and artifacts that can’t be found anywhere else.

Main Page

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