Margravate of the Brim

March Lords and Ladies

The Margravate of the Brim are the only Entitlement group has a substantial following in Mocha Hill. A majority of the Courtless changelings in the area swear fealty to the Brim, and this has been a point of some unease for the Courtly rulers since the Margrave’s leader, Henderson, is half-crazy and prone to outbursts of strange behavior and anger.

All March Lords and Ladies benefit from Safety of the Brim when within the Brim’s boundaries: +1 to Initiative mod; +1 to Perception rolls made; +1 to any Stealth rolls made

They also share a common “theme” to their various miens, covered in dust, grit and ash, with shadows drifting across their features even during clear days.

The March Lords maintain several Hollows throughout the area, but responsibility for maintaining the largest of these outposts, the Gathering Den, is shared by the four “officers.”

More on these guys when “Winter Masques” comes out – some of the new kiths and such will make an appearance.


  • Blue Dog (Beast/True Friend/Courtless)
  • Fat John (Ogre/Gristlegrinder/Courtless)
  • Kimimela (Elemental/Ask-wee-da-eed/Courtless)
  • ScarletHarlot (Fairest/Succubus/Courtless)
  • Zekiah (Ogre/Water-Dweller/Courtless)
  • MollyOaken (Elemental/Woodblood/Courtless)
  • MonkeyJoe (Beast/Steepscrambler/Courtless)
  • SlipryTim (Darkling/Tunnlegrub/Courtless)
  • PaulieBroom (Wizened/Miner/Courtless)
  • JimCrow (Beast/Windwing/Courtless)
  • JennyZephyr (Darkling/Whisperwisp/Courtless)
  • NowhereMan (Darkling/Moonborn/Courtless)
  • MisterBarclay (Wizened/Smith/Courtless)

L-R: Scissorman, Blue Dog, Johnny Look-in-the-Air, Henderson

Margravate of the Brim

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